transaction suck in processing [8]

how is it possible for the transaction to be stuck in “exiting incognito mode”.

can a admin PM me and fix this crap? i would expect a app to not have such basic issues. god knows what the complex functions lack if you acnt even deal with basic transaction.

So, based on your other post it has gone from Processing [1] to Processing [8], right? If so, its not stuck but doing what its supposed to be doing.

NO this is another transaction.

my deposit is still stuck.
i had balance i wanted to withdraw now that is stuck too.

fucking fishy especially when ETH is pumping (im trying to depo and withdraw ETH)

Have you looked at any of the onchain tx info for your transaction? I have deposited and withdrawn plenty of times with no issues, but honestly have not used ETH with this platform. Costs are just too high.

well theres no onchain tx for my deposit.

for my withdrawal inchain txid status : success. (but on app still says processing [8] leaving incognito bullshit.)

Did you look at an ETH explorer to validate your funds were recived to the ETH deposit address?

Yes its recieved. Checked that too, otherwise it wouldnt be in processing [1] in the first place. But yes its received on the eth network bro.

still waiting for a fix… been so long now i guess it wont be fixed till ETH crashes and they make a profit on my eth

Well its 4am there… So I wouldnt hold my breath for support for atleast a few more hours.

what a great idea to provide limited support to an app that deals with volatile assets. :man_facepalming:

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I responded to your other thread…incognito is not fast. I would recommend not storing assets here if you’re looking to trade. There is the pdex but the liquidity might not meet your needs.

That might exactly be what is holding up the transaction, busy network, and probably high fees.

Did this get resolved?

I am seeing the same thing in Bitcoin withdrawal with the added fun of not being able to see the outside transaction.

I agree with Tesla that it’s fishy that when the markets pumping incog (can’t,won’t) process withdrawals.

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I’m not sure why it would be fishy that activity on a congested network would take longer. If timing is the most important factor, then it would be recommended to be using a normal wallet, as opposed to a protocol like Incognito which adds additional steps.