Transaction shielding

Hello guys!
I am new to Incognito, so maybe my questions may seem silly to you.

My question is how to “convert” BTC, ETH or any other public token to Incognito native coin (perform a shielding) programmatically? For example, using RPC or NodeJS SDK.

I have found this article - Portal’s API documentation. It contains an explanation of how to shield a public token using RPC. The thing is that I would like to perform a shielding using NodeJS SDK because it is easier and I have already got some experience of working with the SDK. Does anyone know how to to perform a shielding via SDK?

I have read the docs and found out (and implemented in testnet) how to transfer a native token but I can’t figure out how to convert a public token into the private one. I have found an opportunity to follow a token (followTokenById(tokenId: string) => void) and transfer transactions using this token but I don’t understand how it is related to shielding. Could someone please explain it to me?

Thanks for your support, I appreciate your help.

Here is a good resource

If your looking to interact with already constructed bridges, I think the best bet would be to look at the code in the Incognito App. I haven’t actually looked to much into it since the bridges are closed source. But, interacting with them should be easy to figure out.

I’m sure someone else could provide you with better information.


The SDK hasn’t supported shielding yet.