Transaction pending receipt of funds

Hello all,

I made a BTC transaction to my Incognito shielded address, but after 8 confirmations, in Incognito app I still see status “Pending: Transaction pending receipt of funds”. Are my bitcoins lost? Please advise.


Hi @zack, be patient, I am confident they will arrive soon. What does your sending wallet say about the status of the transaction?

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Funds received in shielded wallet. Solved. Thanks for fast response.

Sending Electrum wallet showed 8 onchain btc confirmations, but in Incognito wallet for receiving shielding address there were still no (partialy) confirmation. I would not become worried but there is a FUD regarding Incognito wallet and limited 2 hours open window time limit for deposit or funds lost. Please try to resolve this FUD.

Otherwise I am using Incognito for some time now and everything else is super!

The 2 hour window does not result in lost funds.

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hey @zack Welcome to incognito!!

As jamie stated above. The 2 hour shield window does not mean funds are lost. If your transaction takes longer than 2 hours to confirm the transaction will be in a state called “Timed-out”. When your transaction is timed out, you can simply click Resume and the transaction will be pushed to your wallet.

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Hi @zack, if you happen to locate any FUD, feel free to let them know the truth!

My opinions as a new user regarding 2 hour window:

  • Excellent; a two hour window indicates to me that addresses are being recycled and their ephemeral nature will protect my privacy
  • OMFG/FUD; it’s been ten minutes already and my funds aren’t here yet and the networks are congested and my window is closing and I might lose my funds

Maybe somebody can take your clarifying message and implant it in the interface? (Or maybe the timer should be eliminated from the user-facing interface?)

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That is a good suggestion. What do you believe the message should state? Something along the lines of “If your transaction does not confirm within the 2 hour timeframe please click Resume to process your transaction” ?

Do you believe that would help the “OMFG factor”?

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Thank you for your input and consideration. I don’t feel that I understand what is happening on the back end to make an informed and accurate warning statement. Just yesterday I advised a referral to Incognito that they should not be worried – they were nervous and watching the clock for their 2 hour window to expire. I think it would be wise to have the warning you drafted display right on the Shield menu where the clock starts running, as that’s where the new users will first encounter the concept. “If the deposit is not finalized within 2 hours, the status can be refreshed using Resume function found in Transaction Details”


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