Transaction History

Is there somewhere in the wallet that you can export transaction histories for all accounts/wallets for tax reporting purposes?


It has been mentioned before, and seems part of this proposal (at least an account history), but I don’t see it in the wallet app.

cc: @tien


No, this is another feature. The proposal mentioned about viewing receiving transaction in history, not exporting transaction feature.


I understand. Viewing them is one step, being able to export might be the next.

My problem was, I don’t see received transactions in the wallet. Does it only relate to transactions performed after the feature was implemented or should older transactions also show up somewhere.

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I think I asked this a while back but I’m wondering if there is anyone working on an option in the app to be able to export trade and reward claims histories? I know a lot of you aren’t reporting your trades for tax purposes but for those of us not trying to cause ourselves problems with tax authorities it would really be nice to have this option as manually doing it trade for trade is a definite pain point. I’d greatly appreciate it.


Big deal. Thanks for posting this now because tax time is coming in the next several months.

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Are u guys from USA?

Hey, the history function is on the core team roadmap for 2021, so you can get an idea about how much you have earned. However, the ability to export those transactions is another story. We power privacy and we would not prefer adding that option if it could lead to revealing your income/identity or the involvement of a centralized party.


Americans aren’t the only ones that pay taxes @Katoshicoins hehe
I’m actually pretty sure that most countries have a tax reporting requirement year to year. @annie if this can be on the road map prior to say, Feb 1 or Mar 1, that would be most helpful.

Personally I keep a separate log of everything but it’s very tricky. For example I can’t click on BTC and see a transaction history of that. I have no idea how my balance was calculated. None of my trade history shows up in the coin that was traded for/against.

It is probably done in different ways in different countries. In my country you just calculate the value of your crypto at January first or December 31th (not sure which one).

That is all they need to know. No one is interested in how those amounts came about. Yet.

Is there a roadmap page that shows the status of the earned rewards, possibly transactions in .csv, pdf?


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