Transaction anonymisation

Hi guys,
I am super new to Incognito, may be asking funny questions :slight_smile:
I need to have running (in cloud) a wallet which will receive (POST request) transactions (say BTC), anonymise it (I am trying zcash at the moment) and automatically forward further to a specified address (for POST request). I just planned to shield them via zcash z-transaction when found Incognito. It sounds like all I need. I just need to figure out how to program it, API etc. As you have p wrapper I don’t really need to use zcash shielding and conversion steps at all. My question is how can I make my wallet managed in cloud (or my office server) controlling it via my RESTful endpoints?
So I need to send transaction along with the final destination address, anonymise it, and send further to the final destination already being anonymised.


First of all, thank you for your interest in incognito.
To shield coin to incognito, you need to use incognito wallet at Featured Products to shield your coin into the wallet.
Then you can use the wallet to create transactions it is privacy transaction.

About your Question :
If you want to do transactions via direct RPC then you need steps to launch incognito fullnode on your computer, cloud or pc.

how to run private fullnode

after your fullnode synced data with then you can start making transactions through your fullnode by calling RPC apis
detail docs for RPC can be found here and example is link to postman detail , but you need secure your fullnode.

We also provide SDK to develop with incognito chain.
current SDK support NodeJs , Golang.
for more detail about developer documents can you check at


Are there existing free full nodes running we can tap into? At least to get started quick and ensure this is what we need. I am happy to allocate cloud resources for it in the future if the community needs it but for a quick start I’d like to see it in action somehow with already running full node.

You may use


Sorry for a silly question, just to confirm: being connected to a node (mine or community) I will be able to programmatically (RPC) accept BTC, shield it, send it further with RPC, correct?

Also using my own node I can save on transaction fees for shielding and earning like Node box does. And I do not have to buy a Node - I can run it myself on my server, right?

RPCs may be enough for unshielding (not sure) but shielding requires address generation you cannot perform with the fullnode yet. So RPCs probably will not be enough.

Yes, you can run a fullnode or a vNode on your own server. However, transaction fees are not related to owning a fullnode or something else.

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