Trading pBTC -> pXMR at unexpected price

Hey @Twatwaffle @rolltide @Tranbr. I have sent messages to you guys. Hope my words are helpful. Feel free to get back to me :grinning:


Thnk you very much Andrey, Jason. I had not so much time recently but i think now i’ve catched how it’s supposed to work. Thank you for your explainations.

Right now, I’ve moved on Pstake a ridiculous amount of ETH, to see how it’s working.
I use the android app and i don’t know after that where i can follow my Pstake account. I have found only the STAKE PRV button, but my pStake is in ETH. Someone could help?

Did you add liquidity to a prv->eth trading pair for example? Or did you deposit eth to the pStake account?

You can find information on how the Node Pool (by use of the pStake account) works here. This should only be used with PRV.

No Jamie, i deposit eth to the pstake account. Unfortunately your link explain only the prv part.

Actually i’ve switched on the stake account and i Can see my eth stake now.

That was kind of my point. The Node Pool is for staking PRV. When you use the Stake PRV button on the home tab, you will be guided to the Stake tab which will allow you to enter an amount of PRV to stake.

After staking you will see your staked PRV amount displayed, realtime updated with the earnings.

The pStake is not an account you can send any coin of your choice to and earn from it.

So what’s the point with pstaking any other coin?

Hey @Tranbr,
I think there was some confusion, coz we have two types of earning interest.

  1. Node Pool - when you stake only PRV
  2. Supply liquidity for Incognito DEX. Provide privacy for the world. - when you add liquidity to different pairs (ETH <> PRV, USDT <> PRV, etc)

Stake PRV

It’s a staking service which works only for growing your PRV. When you add PRV to this it starts automatically growing (find more details here)

It looks like this. And it works only for PRV tokens.

Add Liquidity to pDEX

If you want to grow interest on your pETH. You should use another service. Which call pDEX liquidity pools. Here you can add liquidity to the pools with ETH <> PRV and earn interest on it.

:exclamation: you can’t add only ETH, it should be the same equivalent ETH & PRV

And the process of adding liquidity is a bit more complicated. Below you can find the exact steps.

1. Open your Incognito wallet to access the pDEX

Don’t have a wallet yet?

Appl%20store       google-play-badge

2. Deposit funds to your trading account

On your home screen, tap the ‘Trade’ icon. This will open up the pDEX.

Then tap deposit.


Next, choose which account you’d like to deposit funds from.

Select the account, enter the amount, and tap Deposit.


Do it for the second token too.

That’s it. Now you have funds in your trading account.

3. Add liquidity from your trading funds

Tap ‘Add liquidity’ at the top of your screen, and set the amount you want to provide. Then tap ‘Add liquidity’ at the bottom of your screen.




From the minute your liquidity contribution is made, you’ll start earning rewards. Rewards will be automatically deposited to your pDEX account every Monday.

@Tranbr please let me know if it helps or if you will have other questions. I can walk you through this the each step.

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None. That is why, when you follow the “Stake PRV” procedure, you don’t get asked to select a coin. It is PRV by default, and that is the only possible coin.

I wonder if I can ask you something else.

Where in the information supplied did you get the idea Staking PRV would work for coins other than PRV? Maybe we need to rephrase our information to remove the confusion.

AHH, a couple days after loosing my $250 in BTC you put a warning! That sucks and I know I accepted it twice but when I was expecting 5. something XMR and it shows .5 I simply didn’t look hard enough especially after 2 perfect trades using the pDEX to trade BTC > XMR at the proper rate. So I was simply asking if there was a way to undo what I had done.

I know this is tacky but if anyone reading this is the one who benefited from my mistake I would love some help in these tough times. I know this is tacky but if you can afford it my incognito in-network address is:


Anything helps…

Hey @rolltide

Technically you are asking to roll back the blockchain, which is almost impossible, unfortunately :frowning:

The easiest way is to find that liquidity provider who benefited of your loss. Hopefully, he/she is part of our movement and will see this thread!

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So that’s the transaction right there.

EDIT: But forget about it, if it somehow gets found by the benefactor holler at me that would be cool if not I learned my lesson and a lot about incognito itself. So thank you for everyone who helped!

Incognito BTC XMR Mistake

Get in line man. I lost 2.2K from a large slippage in PRV <> ETH trade pairs. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

You’re trying to track down who / what exactly? An anonymous liquidity holder who benefited from your loss?

Do you not understand how Incognito works? Or cryptocurrency in general?

Ok ouch loossing 2.2k sucks, but that doesn’t mean you get to be an ass because your smarter than me. Honestly - no I don’t completely understand cryptocurrencies but I know enough and a moderator suggested that if someone on here was the benefactor I might get lucky. The persons who’s node got picked for that transaction could have been fully vested therefor no share just his node taking on that transaction, therefor a way to POSSIBLY get it back if he was generous. There’s a lot of if’s there but who cares i’m learning in the process.

You’re here to just make me feel stupid / waste your time why exactly?

The mere mention of asking to undo your transaction (therefore change the blockchain) goes against the basic fundamentals of what cryptocurrency was built on. The whole purpose of a blockchain is to have a public ledger of who owns what funds and this ledger is not to be tampered with. Security was put in place to make sure no one can tamper with this and you’re asking for exactly that to take place.

I’m not trying to be an ass but you need to understand that trade losses happen on a daily basis (look at the stock market for instance; someone has to sell at the wrong time to create a buying opportunity for someone else).

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Hey @Tranbr how did you get that refund??? I did something similar as you may have read earlier in the post but just wondered what you did to get that refund. Thanks man.

Hello @rolltide. Actually i’ve changed in the begining of my crypto-experience at a very bad rate, accidentally. I was lucky to see my mistake immediatly and i traded immediatly in the reverse way to find back the balance. If someone Saw it first, i would have lost some of my money. That’s all i can tell you

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made that 250 dollar mistake myself only I didn’t catch it in time.