Trading pBTC -> pXMR at unexpected price

I attempted to exchange ~0.02066 pBTC for pXMR which should have been ~ 2.6 pXMR but ended up with ~0.47. Any ideas?


Hey @Twatwaffle, the reason of such price suggestion on pDEX is because of liquidity pool of pBTC <> pXMR is super low now(see the screenshot)


I assume users who provided liquidity to that pool moved funds to pBTC <> PRV & pXMR <> PRV pair (see screen below)


To verify all these data and check other liquidity pools and prices you can here

In your case I would suggest you to trade pBTC -> PRV & than PRV -> pXMR.
It requires one more step, but in the end you will receive equivalent of ~ 2.6 pXMR

FYI: We already work on the functionality when liquidity pools for pBTC <> PRV & PRV <> pXMR can be used for direct trade pBTC <> pXMR.


This is my third time doing this and the first time I have had a problem, I got about 1/10 or what I should have gotten in XMR, there has to be a way to fix this right? I finally put over 250 in here and I cant see where it went. Please let me know what I need to do to get my funds into acount 0 as XMR as I always have after using the pDex to exchange BTC for XMR. Thank you.

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I accidentally traded at that rate is there anyway I am getting that money back?

I am going to DM you, let’s figure out what exactly happened.

Let’s go one by one:

So step 1.
When you accept the trade you can see on the half of the screen the amount of token you give and get after the trade.

You accepted it.
Step 2.
Confirmation the app asking you to confirm the amounts you trade. How much you send how much you get.
You also accepted.


So technically, you confirmed and accepted trade two times.

Thank you for providing details.
I assume that the trade you described did’t happen unless you added more liquidity and accepted this trade two times. As described before.

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So @rolltide @Twatwaffle if you confirmed the trade two times before its executed, what kind of help you asking us for ?

Could you please specify ?

This is awkward.

@andrey maybe a warning message about low liquidity would be a nice addition to the pDEX. Only problem with this is how to define “low liquidity”?


yep, already added to the dev backlog. Either we define “low liquidity” either check if trading rate is 10% or more different than market and will show warning.


You have to protect users of the system from themselves lol

Joking aside, there is a balance to strike and your last suggestion of a warning of a deviation from market price of 10% or more makes sense and should be implmented across all transactions.


Hi everyone!
I don’t understand the change rate on the app. (I want to change Xmr for Btc).
On the app:

On investing:
The rate is divided by 2?!
I miss something Big…



Hey @Tranbr,
let me explain the situation.

  1. The pDEX works based on automated market maker algorithm, similar approach as uniswap. Which means that trade price depends of the size of the liquidity pool you trade with.

  2. As you can see on the screenshot below and the line Pool Size: on your screenshot. There is no liquidity right now for XMR <> BTC pool.

  1. I assume user which provided liquidity for this pair, couple days ago, moved liquidity to other pairs as XMR <> PRV & BTC <> PRV. As we launched liquidity incentives campaign.

  2. This situation is temporary, we are working on attracting more liquidity for XMR<>BTC pair.

Meanwhile, if you need to execute trade right now, I recommend you to do a next trick:
Trade XMR -> PRV, than PRV -> BTC

As you can see these pools are much bigger





Sorry for such innocence. We are working on attracting more liquidity and make trades smooth.

:exclamation:You can always check sizes of other pools here
So far the biggest liquidity pools USDT/C <> PRV ($600k+)

Or under each trade in the app

Feel free to direct message me (@andrey) if you have other questions.


Hey guys @Twatwaffle @rolltide,
Could you please send me your trades Tx IDs. We will try to investigate with devs deeply and figure out what happen to avoid such situations in the future.

Feel free to send in DM to @andrey


Hey @Twatwaffle @rolltide @Tranbr. I have sent messages to you guys. Hope my words are helpful. Feel free to get back to me :grinning:


Thnk you very much Andrey, Jason. I had not so much time recently but i think now i’ve catched how it’s supposed to work. Thank you for your explainations.

Right now, I’ve moved on Pstake a ridiculous amount of ETH, to see how it’s working.
I use the android app and i don’t know after that where i can follow my Pstake account. I have found only the STAKE PRV button, but my pStake is in ETH. Someone could help?

Did you add liquidity to a prv->eth trading pair for example? Or did you deposit eth to the pStake account?

You can find information on how the Node Pool (by use of the pStake account) works here. This should only be used with PRV.

No Jamie, i deposit eth to the pstake account. Unfortunately your link explain only the prv part.

Actually i’ve switched on the stake account and i Can see my eth stake now.

That was kind of my point. The Node Pool is for staking PRV. When you use the Stake PRV button on the home tab, you will be guided to the Stake tab which will allow you to enter an amount of PRV to stake.

After staking you will see your staked PRV amount displayed, realtime updated with the earnings.

The pStake is not an account you can send any coin of your choice to and earn from it.