Trading fee 10 PRV ?

Hi, I was using the dex and while
I was making a trade I saw that there is a trading fee if 10PRV. I understand that incognito doesn’t charge that but is there a way to reduce the fee ? It’s just extremely high

@danny3s If you trade the PAX to PRV then the PRV to USDC it should only cost the .0000004 network fee per transaction. Just watch for slippage before confirming the trade.

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So I should just ignore the 10PRV fee that appears in the bottom ?

Hello @danny3s,

if your are trading on Uniswap, you need to pay the 10 PRV trading fees. That’s Uniswap trading fees. If you trade through incognito network, you pay the low incognito fees of about 0,0000006 PRV per trade.
At the bottom of your order preview you can check if your trade is powered by Uniswap or by incognito. Through Uniswap you can trade ERC20 token. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Nubex

Is there a way to choose between uniswap and incognito ? Because I am afraid to make the trade and be charged the 10 prv

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When your trade is powered by Uniswap you will pay the fee of 10 PRV. There is no way around that.

What other users have been suggesting to do is trade from one coin to the other in two steps instead of one. Trade the coin you have for PRV, then trade the PRV for the coin you want. These two trades are powered by Incognito (PRV is only tradable on our own chain) and include very low fees.

Do check the trades you want to perform carefully, before confirming them. Trading 1 coin or 1000 coins can make a big difference in coin price.