Trade via website, not just phone apps


Would it be possible to be able to trade coins via a browser (eg. FIrefox, Chrome, etc.) and not just using the phone apps? This would make it very convenient for me as I work mostly on a laptop.

Also, for people running a Validator node, can a reporting section be added to the website to get a list of all currencies earned, the date and the price at that time (so as to work out FIAT equivalent earned)? This would make reporting earnings to the government much easier.


+1 for the web app

Hey @dfl, thanks for your suggestion, this helped the team understand the demand of users who are using Incognito for preserving privacy. The team are actually working on that. Specifically, we are figuring out a few solutions for building the web version since it’s about privacy and needs some extra UX tradeoff as compared to non privacy web based wallets and dapps. The more details of the choosing solution as well as its proof of concept demo will be published on the forum for feedback later.
Regarding staking rewards from operating nodes, they are only paid in PRV not multiple coins FYI.


Hey @3ncrypt3d @dfl, web-based exchange is in our roadmap for this quarter. Pls have a check Incognito's Q2 2022 Roadmap