Trade gone bad

Hello - On April 17, I decided to trade for BAT on Incognito. I put up approximately $7,000 in value and was returned approximately $114 in value. I should have took the website’s warning about a lack of liquidity (at that time) more seriously. There is no doubt that I could have avoided this situation (stop laughing)) with common sense! However, the individual on the other side of the transaction is probably predatory with ridiculous limit orders.
Anyway, is there the possibility that I recover my lost funds?
Whatever help or comments you can provide would be greatly appreciated!!
Thank you!!

Sorry for your loss. It can be a hard lesson to stomach when there is a not insignificant amount of funds involved.

Trading on AMMs (Automated Market Maker) like the pDEX, Uniswap, PancakeSwap, etc is very different than trading on CEXs like Binance, Kraken or Coinbase. The main difference is there is NO centralized order book. This means there are no limit orders, stop-loss orders, etc. Each trade is done against the paired liquidity pool, using a constant derived from the current market prices of each token. This means the AMM is continuously trying to create a balance in the liquidity pool whenever a trade is made. Arbitrage bots love AMMs, as they are the main means for liquidity balancing.

That said, here is your trade:


The next pDEX trade involving pBAT doesn’t happen until seven hours later and clearly is not benefiting from an unbalanced PRV-pBAT market:


Since your trade would have dumped 2600+ PRV in the pBAT market, let’s see if that liquidity pool shows a spike:


Unfortunately, we see that the liquidity in that pool takes a sharp decline around the time of your trade. This indicates that the major liquidity provider for the PRV-pBAT pool saw the unbalanced spike in PRV liquidity and immediately withdrew their funds (PRV and pBAT), taking the majority of your ~2600 PRV with the withdrawal.

As with any DEX, there is no way to know who this (or any) liquidity provider is – unless they explicitly identify themselves. Perhaps they will read your post and contact you to make things right via some kind of exchange.

Again – sorry for your loss. Please do mind the warnings provided in the trading section in the future. As a safety net, you might consider double checking the amount to be received against the current market price and confirm the value is within your tolerance levels. Don’t solely rely on the pDEX or any DEX to protect you from a potentially bad trade.


Thank you @Mike_Wagner for having clearly explained the facts of this trade that regretfully denotes the loss to our fellow community member @Harry880. To Harry880 I express my empathy in your trade loss and well wish you better fortunes in future trades…to the rest of the community well let Harry880’s experience with this regretful trade be a lesson to be mindful of completing trades that even with a website warning, if not adhered to, well one can see the results… :sunglasses:

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Hi Mike. Thank you for the prompt, knowledgeable and exhaustive response! I truly appreciate your time and energy. Just thought I’d ask…
Stay say
Harry 880


Sorry for having a trade go bad this way. There is no way to make up for your loss, but if you share your Incognito address, I will send you some pUSDT. I don’t have BAT.


Damn @Jamie…mighty sweet of you…another reason why I adore you…even though you do get @Revolve irked quite a bit these days…but hey Revolve is a really cool bro… :blush: :sunglasses:

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