Tracking Lifetime Node Earnings

I have a couple of quick questions about Nodes.

First, are rewards that nodes earn automatically staked to earn interest? I don’t get that impression, but I just wonder if it would be worthwhile to withdraw my rewards periodically and stake them.

Second, is there a way to get/access a list of lifetime earnings for a particular node? I’ve done a bit of searching across the forum and found that some people have built tools to help you track earnings, but these tools have to be updated manually, right? And may of the listed tools are outdated. Are there any that automatically track earnings?

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I can help you with the first question. No, earnings through nodes are not staked and will not earn any interest. You must withdraw them from the node and stake them under the provide tab.

As for the second question it would be nice if we have this functionality and I’ll await someone else’s reply.


Check out ENSI it can help you track your nodes earnings :grin:.


Hi @Trevuchet,

You have to withdraw your rewards and stake them manually. Leaving it in the Node gives you no interest as Jared advised.

There is not an official way to get a list of a lifetime earning for a particular node using the Incognito app. I still see people combine Nito (Nito FAQ (Telegram Bot)) and ENSI (J053 - Ensi Telegram Bot) at this moment.


I’ve looked at this before- can it automatically detect new earnings, or do you have to add all new earnings manually?

What are the advantages of combining ENSI and Nito? And can either of those tools, or any other tools, automatically detect earning totals for you? Is that even possible? It would be a really useful capability

It does detect them automatically :grin:.

So just to be clear- Ensi keeps a running tally of all the earnings? I tried setting up Ensi a week or two ago. It would recognize when my node was earning, but it never recognized how much was earned or updated the totals. Any idea why it might be acting like that?

Hi. The developer of Ensi here. Thanks @Estem :heart:.

@Trevuchet, you can go to My Nodes > Select the node you want > More options > Add public key. Then, earnings will be automatically detected, and nothing from your part will need to be done. Thanks for using Ensi bot! If you have any other question, fell free to tell me or reach me at my Telegram: @SenorBinario.


On a related note, I didn’t have a node tracker setup until today. I was just withdrawing earnings periodically… Is there any way to view my vNode’s earning history? Is there any record written to the VPS running my vNode? I’d like to add earnings from the past, if possible…


Only way i can think of is to look at your vnodes account under prv and look for node withdraws and then the received amount at the same time. There might also be an RPC for “received” transactions. This is also under the assumption you moved your earnings to provide or something every time it earned.