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Question . At somepoint of time in 2021 i believe i converted some prv into etherium to stake etherium . Unfortunately i am not able to retrieve that transaction in my history .can anyone help me understand how i can gather my transaction history and file taxes



Thanks for tagging . kindlly let me know . How do i see my swap history where you buy sell or exchange prv to other coins . My master key has been the same but i only find provide history which does now show things like how much prv one exchanged for another coin

Is there a place for you see your entire activity on incognito app . This is very helpful for people if a consolidated summary can be made available of all transactions (provide ,buy,sell,swap etc etc etc )


This feature is not available in the most recent versions of the app. However, I do believe it is on the list of features the devs are working on bringing back. @khanhj

Thanks for responding . Is there any temporary workaround around this for me that i can try. Unfortunately i dont remember the time or date i made my swaps and or did purchase . And i dont see the history for these. I assumed the app would save it for me. I want to accurately report any gains or losses i incurred .

You can try with the Incognito-cli, however, it’s still in the testing phase and only supports a single token at a time. To do this, you can follow the following steps (assuming you have Golang installed on your machine):

  1. git clone
  2. git checkout development
  3. git pull
  4. go build -o incognito-cli
  5. Try the command: ./incognito-cli -c 1 account history --p YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY --tokenID TOKEN_ID
$ incognito-cli account help history
   incognito-cli account history - Retrieve the history of an account.

   account history --privateKey PRIVATE_KEY [--tokenID TOKEN_ID] [--numThreads NUM_THREADS] [--csvFile CSV_FILE]

   OPTIONAL flags are denoted by a [] bracket.

   This command helps retrieve the history of an account w.r.t a tokenID. Please note that this process is time-consuming and requires a considerable amount of CPU.

   --privateKey value, -p value, --prvKey value  A base58-encoded Incognito private key
   --tokenID value, --id value, --ID value       ID of the token (default: "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000004")
   --numThreads value                            Number of threads used in this action (default: 4)
   --csvFile value, --csv value                  The csv file location to store the history

A financialexport command will be made available soon, we will notify the community once it is added.

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The newest version of the app now has a button to export a CSV with all account information. Please check it out.