Track bugs and implement user's requests

1. What problem are you solving?

Until now, communication with the community has been scattered across various channels: Telegram, Facebook, Zendesk, email, and more. This creates duplicate Q&A, messy bug reports, disorganized and disconnected users, and an endless maze for follow up.

2. What is the solution?

We propose to move customer support and our main community engagement to here on the Discourse this month. We are using this channel as the primary method to communicate with the community. Everything will be tracked in the categories on this site, such as news, tutorials, proposals, bug reports, etc…

TO DO: monitor communication on the site, receive feedback, report and follow up on bugs, and promote new features. Create a funnel to move engaged users here from other platforms.

3. Who are you?

I am @Peter, a core team member at Incognito. I want to further develop the product, which is improving every day.

@Jamie is a fellow techie, who can provide impeccable support and has a solution for everything.

4. Why do you care?

Community is the most valuable asset for us. “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” – Margaret J.

5. What’s your plan? What’s your schedule?

Here are my specific objectives and key results for the plan:

  1. Fix 100% bugs raised by the community.
  2. The first reply time is under 12 hours.

6. What’s your budget?

Resource Cost Quantity Monthly Cost
Growth team member #1 1000 PRV 1 1000 PRV
Growth team member #2 1000 PRV 1 1000 PRV
Subtotal 2000 PRV
TOTAL (x 6 months) 12,000 PRV

@Peter The objective looks ambitious :smile: This is fully funded, I have just moved it to “work in progress” category. Please share with the community the February update.

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Great idea!:+1::+1::+1:

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Starting from Feb 2020, the team tracked and reported to the developer daily.
In Feb 2020:

  • Bugs: 18 - Fixed: 13 - 72%
  • Avg first reply time is 44 hours
    In March 2020:
  • Fix the remaining bugs (27 + 5) and new bugs may arise
  • Reduce avg first reply time

Cool Peter. Funding for Feb has been disbursed.

How are the bugs fixed currently handled? How would you communicate that to the user?

There are 2 ways:

  • Wallet weekly update & Release announcement in the"Community updates" category
  • In the topic raised by the user/ message

Weekly update March 2nd - March 9th:
1/ 4/5 bugs were fixed
2/ Avg first reply time is reduced to 33 hours


Weekly update March 9th - March 16th
a. 5/5 bugs were fixed: Crash app, Please try again (undefined), Missing deposit, Pending withdrawal, pNode set up
b. 1 request is implemented: Unstaking takes 48 hours => Unstaking is done after earning
2/ Avg first reply time is reduced to 24 hours


Looking good, especially when you take in account not all posts need an answer or response.

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Hey @Peter
Is there any updates/progress with this ?

Weekly update March 16th - March 22th
a. 2/2 bugs were fixed: Missing deposits/ Pending withdrawals, and pNode set up (decide to send a replacement due to defective cases)
b. Receive 2 requests and 1 will be implemented in 3.6.5: Show all Tx history. 1 is waiting to discuss: show all information what the Node is doing
2/ Avg first reply time is reduced to 19 hours

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peter are we seeing people move over from other channels to the site/are you still dealing with many queries from other places? in your opinion, how can we improve the onboarding process while still keeping things convenient for users?

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Hi Ning, the team always re-directs users from other channels (Telegram/ Email/ Facebook) to the site since it was operated. But we still have queries from old users (i.e: They reply back in an old conversation that was solved months ago, with a new problem), or in private messages.

If we can reduce
a. urgent issue (missing funds, chain error)
b. first response time, the site will be promising to attract new users.
Building a full and updated tutorial should be a good way, also.

cc: @Jamie To improve the onboarding process, how do you think?

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Yes, people do continue with new problems in old discussion threads. Unless it is transaction going haywire related I do suggest to create a topic at In some cases I will created the topic myself, and suggest for them to follow the topic, and add to it if needed.

There is one downside to that. When less information is supplied on Telegram, users start to help users, which is good, but they don’t always supply correct information. This leads to “needless” discussions and confusion.

The problem for completely new users is, they don’t know what they are looking for. They are not famliar with the terminology used.

Maybe we need a “First Time Node Owner” tutorial. Not so much describing(/repeating) everything that is needed (/already out there) but mostly providing links to the information by listing the questions we see a lot of new people have.

For Example:

  • My Node is connected and running. Now what?
    • link to (pNode) staking information
    • link to earning cycle
    • link to save keys
  • My Node has earned. Now What?
    • link to how to withdraw from Node
    • link to how dust earnings are handled

or short descriptions with a link to the full information


should we start a lexicon/directory/handbook of sorts? important links for important things. people can use it as a base to explore the rest of the site and dive into the conversations that are relevant for them.

example ‘chapters’:

First time node owners
pDEX 101

I made a start here, but a more complete set of words and tutorials might work better.

Weekly update March 23th - March 29th
a. 4/4 bugs were fixed:
a.1/ Missing deposits
a.2/ “Missing account + Something went wrong. Network request failed (undefined)”
a.3/ API withdrawal issue
a.4/ Address book’s UI

b. Implement 1 user request: Re-access pApp feature
Receive 5 requests:
b.1/ pDEX: the number is too light. Need to darken the text
b.2/ Referral program for wallet users
b.3/ Automate pNode withdrawal
b.4/ Disable “Firmware upgrade” when new firmware is not available
b.5/ Re-arrange the Home screen because of many buttons

These 5 requests are discussed and approved by the team. Waiting for the ETA.

2/ Avg first reply time is reduced to 13 hours



hey peter, looks like this proposal has a part 2 here:

moving this one to the archive.

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