Topic deleted

Any explanation on where my posting went?
Didn’t know that Incognito started deleting stuff. Especially without notification to the poster.
Bad impression.

What was the post about? Because now that you mention app notifications in your subject, I am wondering if it is the same problem I have with very late notifications. They arrive like 12 to 24 hours after a transfer is done on iOS.

Higher tier users can also flag content for removal. Most times its to combat bots or the post has already been made somewhere else by another user. I’ve never seen it used maliciously.


A quick search for the title turned up this:

Not sure what broke the link in your second screenshot, but the topic is still around.


Hey @ning thanks for using the search option, however your link shows me same “content not available” message 🤷‍♂

@Thriftinkid I didn’t want to accuse someone that it was deleted… Just wanted clarification… Seems like something is broke…

@fredlee yeah it was mainly about not getting notifications and other minor things. One of those things already got fixed.

I’ve been away for long time. Too many projects out there :grinning:
Wishing you all a good day, and hoping to see incognito fly in the future! :ok_hand:
I really loved the idea and the app and everything… Keep up the good work

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Ah figured it out. It seems the bugs category was archived - I’m assuming because it wasn’t used very often since it overlaps with help. I’ve moved your post to the active category in case there’s follow up required.

Thanks for the kind words! Be well.