Top 3 the best anonymous Bitcoin wallets to protect your privacy in 2021

A Bitcoin transaction is traceable and public. Once you’ve made it, the records will be stored on the blockchain forever. You never know how this information can be used by criminals or third parties to trace your finances and attack you. That’s why anonymizing bitcoin transactions is imperative.

Thankfully, there’s a way to do just that. Let’s take a look at what I think are the top 3 anonymous Bitcoin wallets, and why.

Incognito wallet

Incognito gets first place in my rating, and it’s well-deserved. I break the logic into three main parts below.


It utilizes unique cryptography to anonymize and unlink every Bitcoin transaction .

  • Ring signature - to hide the sender’s address
  • Stealth address - to hide the receiver‘s address
  • Confidential transactions - to hide the transfer’s value
  • Confidential assets - to hide the type of assets you transfer (in building progress).

Put simply, if you use the Incognito Wallet to anonymize Bitcoin transactions, or transactions with any coin, they will be completely invisible to the whole world.

Incognito provides an incognito mode for all public activity you can do with Bitcoin.

  • You can store and send Bitcoin anonymously –>
  • You can buy and sell Bitcoin without registration or verification –>
  • You can invest your Bitcoin, earning interest without disclosing any data –>

Incognito is a multi-currency and multi-platform privacy-protecting wallet.

  • As a crypto investor, I can store any crypto anonymously in my wallet (Ethereum, Binance, Monero, Bitcoin, etc).
  • Incognito is multiplatform. I can get access to my funds from mobile (iOS and Android), and talk with the network directly from a terminal.
  • Incognito is easy to use, so privacy is friendly to newcomers.

Cons of using Incognito

  • HD wallet & integration with Ledger is not yet deployed.
  • Could use more security features, in case I lose my phone.
  • It’s not that popular yet, so I need to explain to my friends why it’s so cool and how it has the strongest anonymity set :slight_smile:

Samourai Wallet

Besides the Incognito wallet, I want to give my appreciation to Samourai - it’s an Android-based Bitcoin wallet with inbuilt whirlpool technology.


Whirlpool is a kind of bitcoin mixer that allows you to break a trace of your transaction.

I also like Samourai’s positioning - “A Bitcoin wallet for streets.” They are quite aggressive with this. Besides Whirlpool, they have good security protection features, such as lock up, scrumble pit, stealth mode, and more.


  • Proven by time
  • Whirlpool
  • Useful privacy features
  • Good for non-advanced users


  • It’s limited to Android users only
  • It supports Bitcoin only
  • You must use Whirlpool every time to break a trace.

Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi is a different type of anonymous Bitcoin wallet. It’s a desktop wallet for Bitcoin that uses coinjoin (mixing) technology to prevent the tracing of Bitcoin transactions.


  • Proven by time


  • Desktop only
  • Slow and expensive
  • Not easy to use, primarily for advanced users.

Comparison table

Incognito Wallet Samourai Wallet Wasabi Wallet
Anonymity tech Ring CT Whirlpool CoinJoin
One-time addess building yes no
Lost mode feature no yes no
Buy Bitcoin anonymously in app Incognito DEX no no
Supported coins BTC, ETH, ERC20, BNB, XMR BTC BTC
Invest Bitcoin anonymously and earn interest 11% APY no no
Fee paid per one BTC transaction $0.00001 $0.3 - $12 $0.3 - $12
Supported platforms iOS, Android, Web Android Desktop
New-user friendly yes yes no

Share your top

Those are my top 3 anonymous Bitcoin wallets for 2021, but I’d love to know your thoughts.

  • What are your top 3 anonymous wallets and why?
  • Which parts of my description you agree/disagree with and why?

Let me know in reply to this post!


Incognito till is the best one to use, too much benefits


I’m using the best one, fee trading is almost free

@Everyone, please share your thoughts about your top 3 wallets!

Just shared this article in Bitcoin reddit -->


As both crypto and privacy enthusiast I’m glad that with Incognito Wallet for Android I’m able to store, send and receive Bitcoin privately within one app.

During recent days I’ve been trying various Incognito Wallet’s features:
deposits (shielding), withdrawals (unshielding), liquidity provisions for pDEX plus creating and using a new keychain. On my side, everything went smooth and I have not experienced a single unsuccessful event, the only downside being time-consuming processes but I guess this is a cost of having significantly higher levels of privacy (cryptographically demanding processes) to what other multi-coin mobile wallet apps currently provide.

I’m really stoked to see that besides Bitcoin, Incognito already supports Monero, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens and I’m looking forward to future additions.
Onwards and upwards! :sunglasses:


I’ve only held crytpo since the beginning of this year, so I’m a bit of a noob. I initially thought that crypto was inherently anonymous. Well, that was wrong! I ran across Incognito and tried it out. I had a minor hiccup in the beginning, but the support team was extremely helpful and now I love the app. As I expand my knowledge of crytpo currencies I’m leaning heavily on Incognito and their resources. This is a great community!


Thanks @cryptomole and @franzone for your comments. We’re really happy to read your all sharing. Big motivation! :black_heart:

Oh sweet!! Thanks for understanding and much engaged with the app functions :raised_hands:

Yep, we don’t just introduce a new privacy coin, we build a privacy layer for the whole crypto sphere :wink: Everyone is able to keep their own favorite coins while enjoy the anonymous transactions.

Anyone else wanna share your top 3 anonymous wallets? :wink:

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