Time to unstake

We understand your frustration. This week’s update, there will be a warning message about this long period when you unstake a Node. Now, all we can do is waiting and waiting. It could be 6 days on average, or even 36 days in the worst case.
A post will be published today so you can deeply know about the probability of being a validator.

I understand this and that’s great thanks you. But I need my money now. Not a month from now. This process should have been automated before even shipping the units out. This is beyond scary for the user and in my world unacceptable.

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It is not about the manual processing of staking and unstaking, it is how unstaking has been implemented into the system. The procedure followed, the time it takes, is the same for vNodes and pNodes.

You can look upon it as a precaution to keep the network stable. We wouldn’t want the network to become unstable due to a large group of people unstaking their nodes.

I am sure you don’t want to hear this, but on crypto based platforms a 13 weeks unstaking (called power down) is the default although in those cases you get 1/13th of your stake every week. This won’t work for the Nodes.


So I have talked to other users and they have lots of nodes waiting to unstake as well. At this point I feel their is some hooky things happening. I would like my money please. This isn’t right. With everything that is going on people need their money.

Still waiting?? I have pnodes earning right away after with drawl and multiple ones but vNodes aren’t going Into earning? We have all been waiting for the same amount of time throughout a lot of nodes. So what gives. To much of a pattern appearing.

Hi Ross, please provide your public key. Jamie and I will find out if there is an issue happened.


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Hi Ross, upon checking, your Node requested an unstaking request on March 04, 2020.

  • StakeTX: f0c8d94f676e8154c17f86e3ef48d8d32af639194c317935a97934b03d9bebdc
  • Stop autostake TX: 528c82372a3523fc579a2a347ba47bf3c72c3333d373a135547a8c71f64e4b37

Since it has been 14 days until this moment, there is nothing abnormal. Now we only need to wait for your next earning selection. In the worst case to go out of the network, it takes 36 days to finish.
Also see: The Algorithm of Probability for Node Selection

Is there an update to this matter? interested in what was resolved.

Incredible amount of updates and change last two months


my unstaking finally was processed after 2+ weeks. Nice!


I do agree with @CodedInk-KryptoHolic, unstaking shouldn’t be taking such a long time and is bloody scary when it comes to big amounts.

Regardless if you have a pnode or a vnode, one does not get selected more than the other, that wouldn’t be random.
And in terms of a pattern, it wouldn’t be random if there was a pattern.
The randomness is the key to the privacy network, but I am interested to see if you were able to be unstaked yet after your vnode earned, if it earned yet that is?

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There are some functionality that with all the other advancement in other areas of the app seems like automation of these task has been purposely withheld for some internal reward/benefit.

@CodedInk-KryptoHolic, I recently won the badge for the Longest Non-Earning Streak. My pnode took 29 days to earn and unstake.

At the time, I wrote to the devs and posted in Bounce Ideas that unstaking shouldn’t be based on chance.

I still believe this, but there is a detail I didn’t know back then, so @hungngo provided some welcome insight into the issue. You’re right that immediate unstaking has been withheld (or, more accurately, postponed) for an internal reason, but it’s a technical, rather than nefarious, reason. As @Jamie is indicating, the team wants to maintain network stability. @hungngo explains:

I hope this provides, if not comfort, at least an explanation, and I hope that you earn and unstake soon.


Ladies and Gentleman…I consider myself a new kid on this block called incognito…and so I have for the last few days been reading and reading all kinds of posts on many a different subject…I personally believe in your project so far and hope to continue too…but I will share this…this kind of issue in this particular topic is a very serious business and game killer…a client for starters must be made very aware of the pitfalls and shortcomings of the project though they may exist temporarily for now…for if not…the problem this client is having and others like…Gold…was having…their funds being tied up in such a way is a serious no no…and believe me so this issue is going to keep coming up and biting you in the you know where…this issue and others like it must be addressed…period…and I hope the community does…or this project mark my words …will not survive

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@taruneldho @Gold @Tempestblack @CodedInk-KryptoHolic

I don’t understand how upset everyone is getting about this?

A fast Google search for crypto staking or DeFi crypto lending and you’ll see a lockup period is very common. A site that I use for investing my crypto has a 6 month lockup period where I can’t get my funds returned to me. Also if you look up most crypto stakes they are also contractually locked until a certain time.

The project has been developed to allow withdraw node earnings. If your node stays online 24/7 like it should be then you’ll be making enough in earnings to cover the cost of node operation.


Good thing they are doing so in Q4.
But, also, it’s not like the money is being stolen, it just takes time, I get time is money, but the node will still literally earn. No money is being stolen or wasted, so I hear you, but this is one of those, “We cannot do this yet due to we don’t want the project to implode, but it will be changed at this set time”.
First year is always tough, introducing a new type of way of doing crypto to the WORLD is tough.
Great first year strides, cannot wait to look back on all of the changes, updates and moves incognito makes at the start of year 2.


@Jared, that’s definitely true.

I think there are a few reasons why the wait time for unstaking nodes troubles some users. I think the first reason is, how unstaking works is not widely known. In other projects, they tell you upfront how long your money is tied up. Incognito does make this information available, but it’s not front and center when you stake. Some users don’t even know the information (and random wait time) exists. As I write:

Because the information about unstaking times isn’t widely spread (or presented just in time), users form their own assumptions, and are upset when those expectations are shattered. I think if the information were delivered to users right before they stake, it would help manage expectations and mitigate negative feelings.

Also, other projects give you a set amount of time for the lockup:

So I think that’s the other reason why unstaking based on chance upsets some users. It’s unpredictable, and that’s not a word we often like to associate with money.

It sounds like the Incognito team is working on this, though, in a couple different ways. I believe they will come up with something that will help educate and appease their user base.


Ladies and Gentlemen…I am not upset in any way…and I understand about funds or deposits or stakes being at times tied up for a set amount of time in the crypto universe when it is invested…it’s like when a person ties up money in CD at a bank…so believe me when I say I understand and agree with you about the reasons for the unstaking taking the time it takes…all I am saying is that another new client or user to the community…might…not be so understanding…and well that is where the issue will come up…so tis why I only suggest that these kind of issues be either resolved or made very clear to a new clients or members as they come on board in the future…so misunderstandings one could say can then be avoided…tis all


So is it true. If let say, i stake a couple days ago and my vnode status is still waiting.

than i wanna unstake during waiting status. How long it will be my prv coming back.

I just hit unstake my vnode during network status “waiting”.

and now unstaking in process

i will see, how long it will take time to get my prv back. :innocent: