Time to unstake

It has been almost 2 weeks since I hit the unstake button on a vNode. I think this is a little to long to be waiting.

it shouldn’t be that long. @Peter @binh @henry can you please look into this right away for @CodedInk-KryptoHolic?

@henry @phuong let’s build an internal dashboard that we can track all the withdraw requests and the time it takes to process each request, so that we can proactively resolve these issues right away.


It is not uncommon. Unstake happens after earning. My longest streak of not earning is 23 days for a vNode.

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I’m not worried about earning. You can’t hold someone’s funds for that long. It’s just not right. I mean I don’t know how to say it any other way. Whether you feel it is common or not. This is just bad business. This coupled with everything else that has happened on is ongoing it’s just to much. I understand you guys are making all these moves and have great things happening but at what cost? The reward for the team is great but the cost to the user is extremely high. All BS aside I am 44 and have been working in tech since 1989. I put 1000’s of hours alone into just incognito and making progress and finally being successful at getting a node to work on the pi as well as personally calling on the phone other community member’s and getting hyped and formulating I don’t know how many plans and strategies to build things for and around the incognito chain. I was going to put some serious money and other resources into incognito chain. I called in favors and ask friends and colleges to help me and they did so for nothing in return knowing that these people are some of the brightest minds. Even got others to invest. At this point I don’t know how to express the un-satisfaction and disappointment in the way things have gone down. Except for a select few team members who were super pro and helpful. The only reason I am even writing this is because I struggled to not say anything and just go my way or say something and risk more misplaced assumptions. But it’s not in my nature to just say screw it and not be helpful or at least try and walk away feeling good that I at least handled why was in my control.

Sincelry, CodedInk


I wasn’t claiming for it to be right or wrong, just pointing out it is like that for everyone, not an isolated case.

Unstaking is performed after an earning cycle, before being added back to the waiting pool.

Being selected to earn can take a while, which is what causes the delay.

If we want to change that, shorten the time between hitting the unstake button and performing the actual unstake action, we need to change the system. We won’t solve it by looking at this as an isolated case.

Hey @CodedInk-KryptoHolic,
as Duy mentioned in the first comment, our devs started working on it. Since it’s not a common thing. Most of the nodes withdraws much much faster.

I know that you dedicate a lot of time to the Incognito, and I want to believe that it’s a normal situation for entrepreneurs. Let just keep moving forward and situation will be changed, for sure.


going to PM you for direct talk.


Keep in mind he is not withdrawing. Withdrawing is pretty fast.
He is unstaking.


Sorry, somehow missed that point. But this keep my comment without updates :slight_smile:

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I never felt like this was an isolated case nor did I ever raise this concern. Non-applicable

You didnt, others did. I guess you can see the whole miscommunication due to people reading “unstaking” as “withdrawing”.

At this point I just want my node unstaked. There was nothing in the readout about having to wait a month to unstake when I staked these nodes. If there was I wouldn’t have done it. Time is money and I am loosing money because of this. This is unacceptable.

We understand your frustration. This week’s update, there will be a warning message about this long period when you unstake a Node. Now, all we can do is waiting and waiting. It could be 6 days on average, or even 36 days in the worst case.
A post will be published today so you can deeply know about the probability of being a validator.

I understand this and that’s great thanks you. But I need my money now. Not a month from now. This process should have been automated before even shipping the units out. This is beyond scary for the user and in my world unacceptable.

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It is not about the manual processing of staking and unstaking, it is how unstaking has been implemented into the system. The procedure followed, the time it takes, is the same for vNodes and pNodes.

You can look upon it as a precaution to keep the network stable. We wouldn’t want the network to become unstable due to a large group of people unstaking their nodes.

I am sure you don’t want to hear this, but on crypto based platforms a 13 weeks unstaking (called power down) is the default although in those cases you get 1/13th of your stake every week. This won’t work for the Nodes.


So I have talked to other users and they have lots of nodes waiting to unstake as well. At this point I feel their is some hooky things happening. I would like my money please. This isn’t right. With everything that is going on people need their money.

Still waiting?? I have pnodes earning right away after with drawl and multiple ones but vNodes aren’t going Into earning? We have all been waiting for the same amount of time throughout a lot of nodes. So what gives. To much of a pattern appearing.

Hi Ross, please provide your public key. Jamie and I will find out if there is an issue happened.


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Hi Ross, upon checking, your Node requested an unstaking request on March 04, 2020.

  • StakeTX: f0c8d94f676e8154c17f86e3ef48d8d32af639194c317935a97934b03d9bebdc
  • Stop autostake TX: 528c82372a3523fc579a2a347ba47bf3c72c3333d373a135547a8c71f64e4b37

Since it has been 14 days until this moment, there is nothing abnormal. Now we only need to wait for your next earning selection. In the worst case to go out of the network, it takes 36 days to finish.
Also see: The Algorithm of Probability for Node Selection

Is there an update to this matter? interested in what was resolved.

Incredible amount of updates and change last two months