Time To Go Big! AMA Section _ r/CryptoCurrency Community _ 1/12/2022

Hi Everyone, :hugs:

As part of our Growth Effort, Incognito is going to host an AMA Texting Section on r/cryptocurrency channel: www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/

We invite you - our dear community - to join and together discuss questions relating to Privacy, Interoperability, and many more which are imposed on us by the CryptoCurrency Community. The AMA Section schedule is as below:

  • From 7:00 AM Eastern Time - December 1st
  • To 7:00 AM Eastern Time - December 2nd
  • Venue: r/cryptocurrency

Your presence and support are the biggest motivation for the Incognito Team to keep delivering value to the community during the bearish stage of the market. Hope to see you there and let us know if you have any concerns!

Meanwhile, please follow us on r/IncognitoChain to freely share your thoughts, opinions, visions, or any constructive feedback that helps us to serve Privacy Community well.

Thank you and wish you all the best! :pray:


Thanks for organising this AMA event.

However, please note that not everyone in the community has a Reddit account.

Don’t get me wrong there probably are many in the community that do, but in the off chance attendance does not meet your expectation, please do not let that discourage your efforts.

All this means is there may be a better channel that captures a larger slice of the Incognito Community.

May I recommend you conduct a Survey/Poll to see what AMA platforms the community are comfortable accessing such as:

  • Twitter Spaces (Audio calls)
  • Reddit (Texting)
  • YouTube Live Stream (Questions submitted via Comments panel)
  • Zoom Group Videos (Video Call)
  • other platforms…?

Have the community vote in order of Top 1st, 2nd & 3rd preferred platforms. That way you can measure which are the most popular amongst the community.

This is just a thought, something for the Growth team to consider.


Btw, I think giving some rewards (say 100 PRV) to top 3, 5, 10 etc. questions may increase the participation. I know by such rewards, many spam users may come in but the network effect also benefits from this.


@Linnovations, Reddit texting is a good option for our start as our post will be pinned on r/cryptocurrency for 24h, that way we will have more chance for people who couldn’t come in time (as if we make a call) to be able to give questions.

How about a reimbursed pNode @abduraman :smiley: ?

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Didnt realize there is a reddit community! Looking forward to the AMA


See you there @Raven :hugs:

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Hi everyone, the AMA has started at the following link:

(I’ve updated the Venue in the original topic already). Thanks.

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Cont’ing from the answer to @brico84 ’ question:

If we ignore some technical/UX difficulties (comparing to CEXes’ order books), the orderbook didn’t work since PRV still is a low market cap coin and it is the intermediate coin in pDEX pairs. So the users didn’t want to take risk of PRV. Either cross order book should be implemented but this requires extra workload and bring more complexity (depending on the implementation method), or non-PRV pairs (XMR/USDT, BTC/USDT, ETH/BTC) should be increased and incentivized. Of course, non-PRV pairs decrease utility of PRV but you know everthing irl is trade-off :slight_smile:

One more thing. Orderbook feature wasn’t introduced to the market makers, which are the essential part of the orderbook. Instead, the retail users was expected to use that. However, the retail users without giving no-code tools cannot use the orderbooks efficiently. I suggest the team to reach the market makers much ( in fact, zero-fee for limit orders is really attractive for them if they are aware of that :slight_smile: ). Besides, the team can collaborate with open-source market making platforms such as hummingbot to attract liquidity. They support even DEXes in addition to CEXes and provide grants for the implementation of the exchange connectors.

Btw, speaking of orderbook, if you still haven’t registered Binance :joy:, you may earn %20 discount in trading fees until you die by registering my Binance link: https://accounts.binance.com/en/register?ref=ZPWR1Z1B


we’re shifting in this direction, please look into newly created non-PRV pairs and their incentive on the app. Hope that could attract more liquidity from LPs, at least for users who long in these big coins.

This opened my eyes indeed, do you have any connections with the market makers @abduraman? In the meantime, I’m looking into the hummingbot.

Why do you use a CEX as you are a privacy-minded user? (j/k)


Unfortunately, not. As I’m anonymous, I’m alone too :slight_smile: However, hummingbot team may help you. Their discord was alive once my focus was there 3-4 months ago.

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