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I guess your direct competitor would be Google Translate whose performances, as we all know, fluctuate.

Hi @abduraman do you have any ideas/vision how to attract more Turkish people on our forum once the translations are done ?

Probably the activity you gonna do after the translations important in this proposal.

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Hey, I had updated the proposal. Did you miss it or what do you need more? @andrey

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Hey @abduraman could we include in the proposal some kind of commitment that after the translation will be done, you will manage to bring at least 10 more Turkish speaking people to the community who could increase engagement with the Turkish part of the website.

Let us know if it sounds reasonable.

Reasonable. I already brought 2 Turkish people. Btw, should I include in the proposal or is this answer enough? @andrey

Hye @abduraman. Let’s rethink your proposal a bit.

As I mentioned, the translation itself is not a goal. Let’s restructures your proposal to focus more on growth results:

  • how to bring more users on Incognito
  • how to get more organic instals
  • how to let more people to shield their crypto

Here is some ideas on which direction you can think

  • Pitch incognito to local media
  • Find more privacy rebels
  • integrate incognito with the most used crypto wallets in Turkey
  • integrate withdraw deposit with local exchanges

And so on.

Let me know if it works for you.


Could you also update whats the status with Tipcoin ?


Hey @andrey, I was busy. Sorry about late response.

I’ve updated my proposal. In fact, I’ve merged the current proposal with another possible proposal in my mind. Please check it out.

As for Tipcoin, I was waiting for pApp browser. Now, it is re-enabled. I will focus on the app again. I’ll try to keep you updated.

Hey mate!
I have a similar comment as for @OhDonPiano. We are thinking to go away form jobs as translations itself. They have to be a small part of the initiatives.

I am going to PM you and @OhDonPiano to discuss in details.

Did you re-examine my proposal? I had updated it (even its title :slight_smile: ) . It is not just for translation any more.

While the community grows, increase in the number of users and validators of the network is expected. If you think setting some quantitative goals for the expectation, let’s discuss.

Hey mate, chatting with you in DM. Let’s have a call this Thursday to discuss the growth initiatives in your country.

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This was before DM started :slight_smile: