Thinking about buying a node.

Firstly. so if I connect it to the wifi here. What would my ISP see? Does it have a built in VPN? I dont want my ISP knowing it’s connecting or what it is. Never know what ISPs tell governments.

Second, how does the PRV staking reward handle during a bull vs bear market? I’m thinking some time 2022 there will be a bear market (dont trust me on this just my thoughts)
So if I got one now, and I hear it takes about a year and a half to make your initial payment back says a youtube video. so is the price that you receive constant or …? like if we go into a 3 year bear market again. dont want it to take 3 years to make back the investment if you know what I mean?

Sorry I’m one of the dumbest people you’ll meet here on this site so please forgive me as this stuff confuses me. If you can explain it to me in simple terms that would be great.

pNode sales have been discontinued for several months.

oh dang I’m too late on that. Ok was just wondering.

Hello @Concerned,

I just wanted to add that while pNodes have been discontinued users can still run vNodes. With a vNode you are required to have 1750 PRV to stake. Please review the links below if you are interested in doing this as running a vNode can be more advanced than running a pNode.

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