The wallet cannot run through a proxy?


I’ve installed a proxy server on my VPS. Then I’ve changed my iOS settings so that all my connections are going through that proxy server. My apps except Incognito wallet work well. Incognito wallet raises (code: wallet_can_not_load_existed_wallet) Something's not quite right. Please make sure you're connected to the internet. If your connection is strong but the app still won't load, please contact us at [email protected] Request failed with status code 403. I’ve checked my firewall and proxy server’s logs. No blockage, no 403. It gets 200 HTTP response. Still, the problem may be on my side but I want to ask this. Is this intentional? I mean, is there any check to prevent the proxy usage?


Need Tor integration ASAP

I can use proxy and use app normally. I think the problem is with your proxy server. Where is your proxy server? Is it in china?


No, one of them is in Germany. The other is at my house :slight_smile: so it is in Turkey.

But other apps work well. Anyway, thank you for response. I’ll examine it later.