The waiting time of Unstaking process

Similar to other Proof of Stake networks, Incognito locks your collateral amount (1750 PRV) for a period of time when you submit an Unstaking request. It helps to avoid exploitation from the outside vectors.

Now, the Unstaking process will complete after the next time you earn. The waiting time can vary due to the random selection of being a Validator. The average time is 5-21 days with the current 2200 stakers. But it might take up to 36 days for the unluckiest case.

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What happens if you unplug in the middle of the unstaking process?

The unstaking process is still ongoing if you unplug in the middle at this moment.

And could i leave it unplugged?

Yes, you can do it at this moment.

Sounds good!

Will I get the last earnings?

Yes, per others example they got the last earning when it unstaked.

EDIT: having said that. Not 100% sure about ones that are unplugged. But from what I have read, you should.

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Virtual Node operator and pNode operator (self staked) receive full earnings of the last earning cycle (2 epochs/ 3 epochs).
pNode operator (funded staking) doesn’t receive the earnings of the last earning cycle.
Unplugged/ Plugged hasn’t affected yet at this moment.