The Validator Lifecycle


Different Stages

Stage 0:

You set up your Node, but didn’t provide stake for it yet. At this point your Node is not part of the network.

Stage 1:

After staking, the Node moves to Stage 1. The Node joins the other Stage 1 Nodes, all waiting to be randomly selected.

Stage 2:

On random selection, the Node moves to Stage 2. The Node joins the other Stage 2 Nodes, all getting ready to create blocks.

Stage 3:

When a new Epoch starts, the Stage 2 Nodes will be assigned to a shard to create blocks for the next ~4 hours (1 Epoch), and earn the corresponding block rewards.

Stage 4:

After one Epoch of creating blocks, the Node is moved to Stage 3 for another Epoch of creating blocks, or moved to Stage 1 waiting to be selected.

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