The privacy wallet that helps you send and buy crypto anonymously

Shield, send and accept any coin anonymously. Send and buy crypto anonymously

Download privacy for your crypto → iOS | Android

Here’s some stuff you can do:

Turn any coin into a privacy coin

Shield your public coins to transact without a trace. Got Bitcoin? Now you have privacy Bitcoin.

Send Bitcoin anonymously

Once you’ve shielded your public coins, hide your crypto activity from prying eyes with a single tap. Multi-currency support.

Buy and sell Bitcoin without giving up your ID

No KYC, no records. Non-custodial, decentralized. Cross-chain liquidity.

It all starts here :point_down: Dive in to explore how to send and buy bitcoin anonymously!

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But wait! Does this mean I can just transfer my euros from my public bank account straight into my Incognito Wallet without anyone standing the slightest chance of knowing what I am doing with my economy? Is this all that simple!?

I would appreciate your feedback! Thanks for considering me!