The Portal

Introducing Portal, the universal trustless bridge for anonymizing every blockchain transaction.


Portal is the final piece of the puzzle in the privacy revolution for Bitcoin and beyond. For the first time ever, you can use your crypto anonymously without having to trust a middleman.

Portal is a decentralized bridge to connect blockchains without advanced smart contracts to the Incognito privacy layer. It currently supports secure and trustless transfers of BTC and BNB, but the technology is modular — any blockchain that needs it can easily be integrated.

To see what makes Portal uniquely secure and completely trustless, check out the tech -

Ensuring it’s safe

Under the hood, Portal is a technological breakthrough. But as with any new release, that involves possible risks. This is why we decided to release Portal in multiple stages to make sure that it passes the most stringent test to ever exist — the real world.

Once the system is battle-tested, we will deploy it in the Incognito App as the default method for shielding your BTC and all other coins that previously required a trusted third party. It will be just as easy and user-friendly as now.

Earn crypto for powering privacy

Every transfer yields 0.01% of it as fees for the operators, incentivizing them to provide liquidity and expand the capacity of the bridge. To further encourage this, 20% of the Incognito DAO fund proceeds will go toward supporting the bridge.

Anyone can become a bridge operator, but the process needs to be automated to be effective. For now, Portal can only be used by tech-savvy users. We’ve prepared extensive documentation to guide you in the process of using Portal and becoming a bridge operator.

Check it out here.

If you haven’t already gone Incognito, download the app below to get started.


More about how it works ->
Technical documentation ->


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That’s an incredible achieved step for the Incognito network!


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Spread privacy to the (crypto) world!
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