The first annual letter

Exactly 365 days ago today, the genesis block of the Incognito network was created. This year, we embarked on a mission to lay down essential building blocks for Incognito – the privacy highway of the decentralized web.

A few privacy believers created:

  1. The 1st platform for privacy coins
  2. The 1st proof-of-stake privacy network
  3. The 1st implementation of privacy sharding
  4. The 1st plug and play node
  5. The 1st trustless bridge to Ethereum
  6. The 1st privacy-protecting on-chain DEX
  7. The 1st privacy-protecting multi-currency app

And with the help of like-minded folk, a movement began:

  1. $25M in shielding volume
  2. 100 cryptocurrencies anonymized
  3. $20M in completely confidential trades
  4. $12M in privacy-powering liquidity
  5. 2,200 Incognito Nodes
  6. Privacy for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Monero, Neo, Zilliqa, Kyber, Uniswap and more
  7. 10x TPS of other privacy blockchains
  8. 3M lines of code
  9. 12 teams of community builders
  10. Privacy for smart contracts
  11. Incognito mode for DeFi

The need for privacy has never been more clear.

2020 saw some interesting strides towards greater adoption and acceptance. Old-school finance started (openly) acquiring huge amounts of Bitcoin. Paypal and other giants launched their own flavor of crypto. DeFi grew 10x. For good or bad, the so-called wild west is coming to an end.

Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at 8.40.57 PM

More adoption means more eyeballs. Awareness yes, but also surveillance. More users mean more opportunities, but also more points of vulnerability. There are now bigger prizes for increasing numbers of malicious players. Believers of freedom and autonomy must now understand that identity and activity exposure lays us all wide open.

Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at 8.41.09 PM

Incognito isn’t building for a far-off future. Its utility is not speculative. Its use case is right now.

Right now, you can already hold, send and receive any cryptocurrency with complete anonymity. Create your own privacy coin and tokenize real-world assets. Invest crypto privately. Use decentralized applications freely, and still keep your privacy.

You can already have freedom if you want it. You can already fight surveillance if you want to. But let’s see what else we can do.

What’s next

Incognito’s second year is all about growing up.

Ubiquitous in the industry
Integrating our privacy stack into public applications

Safer on every layer
Distributing consensus and expanding into cold storage solutions

Faster on multiple levels
Streamlining processes and boosting trading and transaction speeds

Deeper and more liquid
Increasing cross-chain liquidity and platform compatibility

Broader and more interoperable
Expanding our privacy highway to connect all ecosystems

Secure and self-sustainable
Ensuring the network can leave the nest and thrive

We’ll be maintaining the values we’ve held since the beginning. Utility over speculation. Long term vision over short term benefits. Open-minded, open-source communication and free-flowing knowledge exchange.

Build with us

As our friends in crypto continue to fight the good fight, we’ll continue to build the privacy backbone that supports them. We’re glad to be here at a time when it really matters. And we’re glad you’re with us – we couldn’t do it without you.

So please share your ideas. Contribute to research. Build your own privacy visions. Incognito belongs to you.


Happy birthday!! What’s next is so much promising according to our needs in this new world.


Happy Birthday Incognito 1 year old and with a network growing stronger by the day.


Happy Birthday to the Incognito Network!

Thanks @andrey for compiling this list of achievements in 12 mths - amazing!

Without this community I wouldn’t have been able to launch my 1st Linux PC running an Incognito vNode.

My gift back to the community is a detailed Step-by-Step guide on how I built my vNode running on the world’s smallest PC -

It’s awesome to be part of this community and once again, Happy 1st Birthday Incognito!




Happy birthday Incognito…:sunglasses::birthday::clinking_glasses:…may you continue to prosper and grow as you have…and a cheer for the awesome dev teams, builders, and admins!!!


This so exciting. I remember seeing this come across last year and second guessing if this is legit or another scam, but getting involved and seeing it grow to the size it has grown to is exciting and I’m excited to see where it goes. In it for the long haul.


Yeah the first time I saw Incognito I thought it was a scam or just wouldn’t work. I didn’t do the proper research and I definitely thought this project would be to complicated and would be another project that’s going to take years just to see something. I dismissed Incognito the first time then a few months later(early this year) I saw Incognito again and what has been accomplished. I did some more research and started talking to the community. I feel in love with this project and this project isn’t a moon bag it’s a future utility that we all need. I’m holding PRV as long as possible and going to help support this project and network as much as possible. I’m truly ashamed that I didn’t realize the value this project has and the full confidence that this will work.


Happy Birthday :birthday::birthday::birthday:


CrytptoDabber…reading your post was like as if you had read my mind cause I basically went thru the same motions and feel the same way about incognito. Thank you for writing it up in a way that perfectly conveys my feelings and thoughts as well about Incognito… :sunglasses:


Welcome to the community monika_only… :sunglasses:

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Your’re welcome and yeah this project is something else. I’ve been trying to try to get Bitcoin Maxi’s to look and try Incognito to see if they’ll see the value of something more decentralized and more private then Liquid by Blockstream. Yes Incognito has PVR so use PRV to save your BTC and earn more BTC don’t focus just on that Incognito has their own coin use it to your advantage.


Cool🖤 Great success! Congratulations!

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Welcome to the community a_new_user… :sunglasses:

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Hey guys, I divided it in smaller pieces on Twitter, please spread our vision with the world :rocket:

Done! I’m on twitter as “Fed Creates Inequality”. That RT has 100 impressions so far.



TY for sharing @Rekonn, appreciate it!