The Different Stages of the Validator Lifecycle

This is a question asked pretty often.


After staking the node, a continuous flow of earning starts. All nodes are lined up and take a turn earning. That is what people expect, but that is not how the network, the Incognito system, has been designed.


  1. After staking the node, all Nodes are grouped in a pool of Nodes waiting to be selected.
  2. On selection, the Node is moved to another pool, the pool of Nodes waiting to earn.
  3. When the new cycle of earning starts, the Nodes in this last pool will be attached to a shard and earn for the next 4 hours (1 Epoch).
  4. After one Epoch the Node is either selected for another earning round or moved back to the pool of Nodes waiting to be selected.


Random Selection

The selection takes place every 4 hours. This selection is random. Completely random. This means there will be periods of earning and periods of not earning. Sometimes short periods sometimes longer periods. This doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your Node.

With every Node that gets added to the network, the competition to be selected increases. This results in earnings varying greatly between Nodes short term. Long term, all Nodes will earn more or less equal.

Whether you leave your earnings on the Node or withdraw them to your account doesn’t affect your chances on being selected, and with that for earning.


This is good to know and understand. It takes all the mystery out of the equation. I certainly am not concerned now - just let it be.


My pNode has not earned anything since around February 14th - I am just unlucky or is there something that I can do to help this process along? I am trying to save up for a vNode but at this point the only PRV I am making is through my stake with Constant.


Hi Zherkezhi, did you got any messages like “Fix it” or “Missing account” on your app?

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This might also help anyone coming to get answers on this thread:


:+1: Thanks, Mike


Normally on my one vNode I earn a couple of times every 7-10 days.
In the past month I moved over from google vm to ionos and now I’ve not earned anything since Feb 25th.
I’ve got the green light and I’ve done all the checks but nothing.
I’m not a happy sausage.

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Hey @Jay_P. I wouldnt be happy either if I didnt think I was earning for that long.
I try to keep in mind that all nodes will statistically earn the same over a period of weeks or months because of the equal probability of getting selected. So while you haven’t earned since Feb25th, when you earn again, it may be for a longer period of time or more PRV per earning.
But it will eventually all even out to the same amount as other nodes.

Checkout my post I linked above. It shows the current “record” for not earning. 23 days is the longest anyone has not earned. We havent seen anyone go longer than that yet. If you happen to beat it, let me know so I can update the record :wink:


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Wuuuhhoooo!! Got 10prv this morning.
I hope payments start to pick up again and dont start getting few and far between.


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I am running my vpn on digital ocean, all is setup correctly but how do I see my earnings, mine still shows 0?


It is so normal. To earn some PRV, your node should join the committee (being a validator) but this is random. In each epoch(~4 hours), some nodes are swapped out, some are swapped in.


Thank you ! I’m about 9hrs in

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I normally get around one payment per 4 - 7 days if that helps.

So 9 hours - chill …

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