Temporary failure in name resolution

I have been running a vnode with no problems for several weeks. Recently I needed to move the virtual machine where my node is running, and now I can’t get my node to run properly.

I’m using Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS. Once I set up my virtual machine, I can connect to the internet and install the virtual node. The node monitor shows that my node is working, but after a few minutes, it says the node is offline. The docker containers are running, but my machine can no longer resolve DNS. If I try to ping google.com I get the message “Temporary failure in name resolution”. Has anyone seen a problem like this?

With the fresh VM, my system can reslove DNS, but after a few minutes of running the vnode, things break down.

You say your VM is Ubuntu but what is it running on?

This link has info if it’s the Ubuntu having the issue but it may be the host OS.

It’s running in hyper-v. It doesn’t appear to be the host OS, because my other VMs on the same host are not having this issue.

I’ve gone through that tecmint article. Changing the resolv.conf file didn’t help, and I’m not running a firewall on the server.

I’m now running the node on my local machine in hyper-v. When I first tried setting it up I used Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS and I got the same “Temporary failure in name resolution” while running the install script. I switched to ubuntu 18.04.5 and it seems to be working now. One concern I have now is I now only see one docker container running called inc_mainnet, but when I was running my vnode before, I had two containers.