Template for works in progress

All initiatives and projects undertaken by the core dev team will be open-sourced in the following format. Any builder who wishes to keep the community updated on what they’re creating is also welcome to create a topic in this format.


This is the title of your topic. What are you trying to achieve? Keep it concise and descriptive.
e.g. Launch pDEX v2 & hit $650k in trading volume
e.g. Ship Portal v2 on mainnet


Here, estimate the duration of the project. How long will it take before results are delivered or product is shipped?
e.g. 2 months (June, July)
e.g. 15 August, 2020

Key Results

Avoid repeating the objective. Choose a key result that denotes effectiveness of what you’re trying to build.
e.g. 100% bugs fixed
e.g. 4 minutes time on site


In this space, explain why your solution is needed. You can add any supplementary material, including github links, related initiatives, diagrams, tech overviews, etc.
e.g. We need to reduce the dependence on Highway for block synchronization.
e.g. Incognito chain development open sourced here: github.com/incognitochain.