System Messages to early

I don’t know if this behavior is desired or a bug.

When I send coins or make a trade and leave the app after a while the system message pops up e.g. pDEX balance updated. But this message comes always too early. When i click on it to get to the app, there still is no new balance visible. I always have to wait a few more minutes to see it. This is a litle bit confusing and should be changed. The message should appear once I can see the new balance in my wallet.



My borther exprienced the same problem.


Send your Balance on other Keychain then try to trade.

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Hi @Anon, we did notice this issue already and it’s on our fixing plan. The app notification should have showed up once the balance actually updated.

We will keep the community updated once it’s fixed.
Thank you :wink:


@Ducky Great thank you. Do you have a public bug tracker or kind of trello board where we can see what is on the list or in progress etc? Might be easier to keep everyone on track like that and avoid unecessary postings etc.

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