Syncing with two shards?

I started up and staked a new vnode on my own machine several days ago. For some strange reason, prior to staking, but after syncing latest to beacon chain, it started syncing to shard 0 (without being staked), it did not sync very far. I wondered about this. The node appeared to by operating correctly (reported correctly in node monitor and in docker). So, I went ahead and staked it at which point, it was assigned to shard 7 which I assume is the correct randomly assigned shard. I bootstrapped it on shard 7. But, after a reboot, I still noticed that it is occasionally trying to sync shard 0 even though shard 7 is the assigned shard after staking. For example, in node monitor, I can see this “Shard 0 21506 6 hours ago (not syncing)” while also seeing this for shard 7: "Shard 7 1498817 a few seconds ago (syncing) ". It doesn’t look like it is going to sync on shard 0 anymore (it hasn’t done it for over 6 hours as you can see), but is this normal operation or do I need to fix something? I don’t remember seeing my other vnode do this.

Hey @Socrates,

Sorry we missed this. Whenever this happens restarting the docker container can fix it.