SURVEY: Incognito = A Charity

Are you willing to make a “charitable donation” to Incognito in the form of liquidity, for the sole sake of helping advance the cause of crypto privacy?:

  • Yes
  • No

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Decisions to “invest” in Incognito and PRV are because of:

  • Long term possibility of financial returns
  • Short term possibility of financial returns
  • It’s not about returns. I just care about furthering the cause of privacy.

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(I’m using the terms “charitable donation” and “donate,” somewhat tongue-in-cheek, obviously.)

Just wanted to start a conversation about some talk I’ve seen around Telegram and other threads on this site where it’s believed that people should just be willing to invest “For the Cause,” and if you’re not, then you are doing something wrong, and you are, I quote, “greedy.” I wanted to get everyone’s collective thoughts on how we should be perceiving and talking about this project.

To my knowledge:
Incognito is not a charity
Incognito is not a not-for-profit

However, if this is the strategy we’re taking:

  1. Promotion should be different
  2. All of our conversations should be different.
  3. There should be no charge whatsoever for a PRV token.
  4. There should be no money dispersed from the DAO for any work done.
  5. We should file to be a not-for-profit
  6. The whole project, including the blockchain and its utility, should be for purely charitable purposes in helping others have privacy in their transactions.
  7. The only rewards: Satisfaction of a job well done.

I think we need to change the conversation. It’s less about donating to PDex and more about decentralizing the liquidity pool. Right now, liquidity is largely controlled by big investors, not the users. That’s essentially centralization, and it’s a bigger problem than the current rewards structure.


I agree. I am in no way serious about donating to liquidity. Just trying to make a point.

But you had a good point in your other post about why it benefits all of us to add to liquidity, mathematically speaking. That’s the correct conversation to be having


Hey Gold and Mike…I happen to agree with both you very much…the imperative need is for decentralization of the liquidity pool so that both no whales take over the pool and with the pool being invested by many separate individuals it gives the pool greater flexibility and inclusion to the members of the community