[Supporting] How to buy PRV ? i'm stuck

I did not receive. Please click on my profile and click to send a message.

If the faucet was replaced, how are existing users supposed to obtain PRV to continue being able to transact. Buying PRV costs PRV, swapping to PRV costs PRV, so how is anyone supposed to get PRV.

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It’s expected that existing users will have at least 0.1 PRV. New users who shield for the first time are automatically airdropped enough PRV to get them started.

If you need some PRV send me your wallet address.

Would it be possible to make it so that for prv purchases the fee is taken out of the prv received?

No due to the TX being on blockchain and requires the fee to process to begin with.

I have the same problem. I can’t trade sell buy nothing because I don’t have enough prv. I tried the prv faucet and it says error. So where am I supposed to aquire the prv needed to make transactions

Please PM me your Incognito wallet address.

Just sent it

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Help! Using Incognito for the second time and I’m stuck in the need-PRV-to-buy-PRV loop from hell. I’m no idiot but fuck me I can’t figure this out.

PM me your wallet address.

Done and thanls.