[Supporting] How to buy PRV ? i'm stuck

Hello everyone,

I’m stuck and I’m looping without finding a solution.

I have bitcoins on my incognito wallet, but I don’t have enough PRV to validate the transaction when I want to move them to another wallet.

so I want to buy but to validate the purchase of PRV I have a network fee of 0.1 PRV, which I do not have, whatever if i use swap/buy/sell i still need 0.1 PRV to buy PRV,
which does not make sense given that precisely I buy some because I don’t have any

How can i sort it out ?

Thanks for your help

Hi there.

I have a similar Problem.
a) are there minimum amounts involved? if yes, make them public.
b) are only certain pairs possible to get prv?

I started by shielding 0.1 XMR with the webwallet on Brave.
Then shielded 0.0001 BTC

The tutorial shows how to shield first 20.- USDT-ERC20, then buy 2 PRV with that. Does that mean pUSDT -> PRV is supported?

Is this the way? (Faucet down)


Hey @Aron and @col.parniq, it’s required for users to have some PRV in their wallet to pay the network fee (0.1 PRV per transaction).
A new user who shields coins into Incognito for the first time will automatically receive some PRV for paying the network fees to buy more PRV for his/her future transactions. Also, we’re improving the experience for the inconvenience in the next releases. Please bear with us at the moment and let me DM you for quick support.
Thanks for your patience!

thank you, it would be nice to have no transaction fees when buying PRV, otherwise we can get stuck because if all the PRVs are used and we need few to buy more we can get stuck easily in an infinite loop with funds who cannot be moved, unless of course there is another solution, but I haven’t found it

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This is the same situation existing in all chains. If you mean that their coins (ETH, FTM, MATIC etc.) are sold in other places, you may also use PancakeSwap in BSC to buy PRV.

I exclude PoW chains (BTC, Monero etc.) since you can obtain them from scratch by mining as well. However, an ordinary user does not have enough tech information to mine them or needs so much luck to mine a block :slight_smile: So in practice, she also has to buy those coins from somewhere else.

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I can confirm that after depositing 0.0001 BTC “magically” 0.3 PRV appeared… But they “disappeared” when I tried to make use of them (buying more PRV).

Also, plz be honest and tell users on the landing page upfront about the beta stage or current dev issues. Your software core is great as far as I can see. And you would even gain more credibility if you handle such issues openly.

Also advertising a “road map” may be unwise. This is a club of people who want to meet privately for educational purposes - innit?

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Please go into your wallet and click on PRV and send me a screenshot.

Incognito has been in development since 2019. Recently the network fee was increased so the flow of how users receive airdropped PRV changed.

I’m not sure I follow this. Roadmaps are important to show the community the progress and direction of the project.

The SEC is going after “identifable” entities of PoS utility tokens. They say these tokens are like stocks in a company and therefore must comply with US authorities. If a roadmap is present they (falsely) assume a leadership is profiting - if no readmap they think the project must be decentralized.

My current balance of PRV shows 0. The airdrop is a fraction of the deposited amount, am I correct?

The core team is decentralized with a majority of the devs residing in Vietnam which does not have an extradition treaty with the US. I don’t see the US causing any issues for Incognito.

The airdrop is the 0.3 PRV, that entire amount should be there. PM me your address and I can send you an extra 0.2 PRV so you can swap crypto into PRV to cover future TX fees.

Thx, duc sent me some. Seems 0.3 PRV was not enough last time.

Pending? (edit: time elapsed : 9h)

This seems below a minimum amount:

This leaves me hanging with the question: How much is needed? And why?

If not bug, you need 0.00010025 BTC to sell 0.0001 BTC. As you can see at the bottom of the screenshot, 0.00000025 BTC is the trading fee.

Fees are payed in PRV, right? My PRV balance is 1.3.

0.00000025 BTC = 0.021442 PRV @ 85768 (if I am correct)

How is 0.021442 PRV insufficient? (Would make sense if there is a 100x ERR in my calculation: 2.14 PRV would be indeed insufficient)

Screen suggests that fees are payed in BTC… Are they?
Also possible: fees have to be payed in both pools.

Wrong :slight_smile: Network fee is paid in PRV, trading fee is paid in the sold coin like in many AMMs (Uniswap, Pancakeswap etc.).

Thx, that takes care of that. Is there a order book or any other trick to use the block explorer to see why the XMR -> PRV order is stuck? Where can I see the current liquidity?

Maybe the App should reserve 0.1 PRV that can only be used for an [anything]->PRV swap. To avoid frustrated users and unnecessary support. :wink:

Apart from the misleading err message (should read: “available funds: max-fee”) I want to admit that my setup may cause trouble syncing the wallet with chain.

I use a tails-like system where browsers can not ususaly write data to disk. So the last state found on a saved system snapshot may not reflect what the wallet expects.
This may have caused the 0.3 Airdrop to “disappear” at times when an old state is displayed by wallet while in the process of syncing.

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hello i’m stuck too …
Jared community manager contact me by mail …and tell me to give my adress wallet to unlock PRV …from thursday …i’m still waiting !

i have à lot of problem with Android APP and Browser ( chrome ) on WIN10

1/ same adress but only on Andraoid APP i can see my ETH and USDT

2/ on APP impossible to SWAP USDT or ETH to PRV

3/ impossible to get free PRV

bad user experience !

I don’t see your message anywhere and I have no new emails. Please resend it.

On the browser click to rescan.

This is because you need 0.1 PRV for the TX fee.

The faucet was replaced by automatically sending PRV to users who make a new wallet and shield crypto for the first time.

message send by email
please confirm reception