[Supported] DAI value is wrong in my wallet [RESOLVED]

The value for DAI (Stable coin) is appearing incorrect in my wallet.
Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Are you referring to the value on the market page or what you hold in your wallet?

Hey Jared,
What I hold in my Wallet has the wrong DAI price.
Fyi I’m holding DAI Stablecoin (Ethereum) and the price is way off (no where near the $1 peg to USD).

There’s probably little to no liquidity for DAI (ETH)… If it’s showing as worth less than $1/DAI you should be able to simply convert it to DAI (Unified).


Could someone confirm that this worked?
I have the same situation with DAI (Ethereum) showing 1 DAI = $0.00005 and I want to be sure that it won’t use that valuation when I unify!

Also, what can be done to prevent this confusion for other users?

Hi @f7i2m,
I have not “unified” my DAI for this exact fear. I have a large bag if DAI (Ethereum) and I was going to ask the following question…

Is there a way to unify just a small amount as a test?

As far as I’m aware we can only unify the entire wallet balance.

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I’m 99.792% sure it’ll work correctly, you will get the same number of DAI (unified) as you had DAI (ETH) – however I’m just a regular user and I made up that %.

To test it, you could put most of it into Provide and then unify the smaller amount. Or if you have other incognito wallet (or create a new one), send a small amount of DAI to that wallet and then unify it from there…

Ok, I tried it - it worked for me. :+1:

It took a minute or two for the wallet to update the unified balance, but it is correct.