Support incognito marketing activities with graphic design

Who are you?

I’m @tuyen. I’m a graphic designer for the Incognito core team.

What do you do?

I work across the Incognito teams wherever I am needed. I handle all graphic design tasks, especially for marketing purposes. My recent work includes the headers for the home page here at, the Node Pool visuals, news announcement graphics, and much more.

What’s your budget?

1000 PRV (1 month)


My goal this month is to receive a satisfaction rating of > 80% from my coworkers in the incognito core team. I will achieve this by designing beautiful media for them as efficiently as possible.


Typically, I will handle all graphic design tasks for social media, announcements, and product pages, as well as many ad-hoc requests. I try to deliver them efficiently and to a high standard. As stated above, my success can be measured by a > 80% satisfaction rating at the end of the month.

Is there anything you want the community to know?

I work hard to make sure Incognito has clean and beautiful visuals consistent with the brand. If you have any questions or comments about what I do, please feel free to let me know.


Your work is the best @tuyen! I’m excited to see what you create this month. Thanks for putting up with our incessant demands :no_mouth:

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@tuyen your proposal got 3/5 votes so this will be funded. congrats! I will move this under “funded projects”.

Please remember to share with the community weekly update!

Hi @tuyen, we look forward to your update for last week activities.