[support contacted] ̴I̴s̴ ̴i̴t̴ ̴a̴ ̴s̴c̴a̴m̴ ̴?̴ ̴j̴u̴s̴t̴ ̴l̴o̴s̴t̴ ̴2̴.̴6̴1̴8̴ ̴B̴N̴B̴ ̴i̴n̴ ̴t̴h̴e̴ ̴b̴l̴o̴c̴k̴c̴h̴a̴i̴n̴ SOLVED THX

Hello, yesterday i gave a try to the incognito wallet, i send 7.5 BNB to the wallet. First it took so long to receive the token on the wallet but the biggest problem is that when i wanted to send back some of the BNB on Binance, 2 of my 4 Transactions was just lost. 1.5 BNB is “completed” but never came and 1.118BNB is “unsuccessful”. I am so afraid these 7.5BNB were my complete bag.

This doesn’t address the problem but as a rule of thumb you should NEVER send all you have in a single transaction. Send 1 wait for successful completion then move the next batch.

I did 4 separate transaction but you are still right but the real question is what can i do now ?

Hey @Hodor,
Recently, our system has recorded a few BNB transactions stuck because the users entered incorrectly MEMO.
please send DM to @Support with the details what happened to you (including a screenshot ). We will check it out for you.


Thank you very much

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When shielding a small amount first, and a larger amount once the first one went through, remember to generate a new shielding address. Shielding addresses are only valid for 1 transaction.


Solved, thx!