[Support-contacted] deposit not delivered

I deposited btc to my wallet 4hrs ago and nothing happened. Not delivered. What happened to my funds

Your funds are safe, no worries. Give it a bit more time or reach out to @Support to double check.


Ok, this is getting really strange. @Street deposited money many hrs ago and now support is just throwing him around. What’s exactly going on? the time expires in about 30min. So now what? I’m only writing because we work together and we need that fund.

It is not important. Indeed, it may be good for you :slight_smile:

Here is the algorithm for BTC bridge:
1- Wait for 6 confirmations. Then, the bridge will see your transaction.
a. If it completes +6 confirmations and 2 hours pass after the address generation, then “Resume” button will appear on Shielding page. Tap it and wait for the completion of shielding.
b. If 2 hour pass but 6 confirmations are not performed, wait up to 6 confirmations and then tap “Resume button”. The rest is the same.
3- If those above don’t help, then contact @ Support. While you may wait for the support, you may tap “Resume” button many times whenever it appears (i.e. every 2 hours).


Thanks for clearing that up bro… Not sure if you’re a staff but could you answer this pls. I want all my BTC to be untraceable and anonymous. So, I moved them from my hard wallet to my incognito wallet, using the shield option in incognito. Then when transferring them to an external wallet, like Exodus or Trust wallet, I had to use ‘unshield’. Will the coin still be traceable to my initial wallet? Or did the Incognito already broke the link?


Yes, it will still be traceable. I mean it can be easily analyzed by a basic chain analysis. Incognito is not a mixer but every action in Incognito is private. However, there are some ways/methods (using pDEX, waiting for some time etc.) to use Incognito as you want. Please search the forum for this issue. There are many topics on it.

Thanks. I have searched but couldn’t find any information on it directly