Suggestion for additional text on receive screen

I might have missed it, but where does it say the address is one time use. This would be helpful for people using the app for the first time.

You are confusing Incognito addresses with Shielding addresses.

Your screenshot above shows an Incognito address. These addresses are used to transact pTokens (pBTC, pETH, PRV, pLTC, etc) on the Incognito network. These addresses can be reused.

Your post here is about Shielding addresses. Shielding addresses are separate and distinct from Incognito addresses. Shielding addresses are generally one-time addresses. These cannot be reused for additional shielding transactions.

Below is a screenshot of a shielding address.


Note that warning to use the address just once.
Also note the minimum amount required to shield.


Thank you for this clarification.