Suggested computer for running nodes

Can any compute run a node or should you get something with specifics to it?

The problem with a computer running a node is that it needs to be on 24/7. If you are tech savvy, a virtual node is the way to go. If not, investing in the physical node will get your foot in the door.
You may want to search for the “Node Tree” as well. It’s a future product that I’m very excited about.


Hi, you can run a node on a dedicated machine. I will say 8gb ram and 200+ gb ssd storage should do. I use my 4 year old intel nuc to run dappnode. I already bought a pnode in the sale so decided to try dappnode but it’s the same process

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I had considered the same question myself and it is much more practical to buy a Node than to try to assemble one yourself unless you have piles of cash aqnd lots of technical expertise. The Incognito node is worth every penny though it could be less expensive in my view.

Yeah, if you have the technical side to code a built machine and the parts on hand build a “Node”. I would still recommend just buying a node. Cheaper, and saves some grief. I will purchase one here before to long. I’m too impatient to wait for the node tree!

I don’t really think the pnode at $399 is cheaper than building your own. It comes funded which is the selling point. The node will eventually run out of space as the blockchain grows, rendering it useless after some years but built machine can be upgraded as needed. I put my fanless pc together for £160. Though you gotta to be willing to learn coding and enjoy frustrating situations when things are not working as planned.
That said I bought a funded node recently as they were on sale.

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“On Sale” is a relative trm asthe nodes once sold for $199 as the regular price. I think I read about it in your Daily Mail…:slight_smile: Howmuch ofa functioning miner with low power consumption could youbuild for $399? (a comp to the present Node price)

Quite a few. Many mini PCs have low power consumption and many right now can be bought for under $400 right now. Most with better specs than the pnode. You can even buy o used one from ebay.
I think tech is the future so I want to at least have a fair understanding of what happens under the hood. Plug and play is never really cheap, they are just stress free. You pay more for that convenience :slightly_smiling_face:

Question…what if you upgrade the SSD drive in the pnode…would not that take care of the space issue?

Not sure you are allowed to tamper with the box since it comes ready programmed and funded but yes that should it.

Well a person can just get a bigger ssd drive and clone the drive that is in node so that space issue is resolved then I would think

Still waiting for mine so don’t know if you have any ports for additional hardware

There should not be a space issue after they update them with the space optimized node code.

By my calculations back in
January, which held true for our vnodes at Jservers, the pnodes are good until September without the space optimization.

With the space optimization we went from over 120G needed to under 1G. Now after 2 months it’s grown to 2-4G.

With 512g SSD in the Pnode you will have lots of time before that’s an issue.


I have two pnodes already, I was going to stake one of them but someone had suggest just doing a vnode instead… now I’m leaning towards funding it through jservers. Although apart of me wanted to learn about coding and thought it would force me too if I did my own vnode.

Would be happy to talk to you about our options.
As for learning coding from vnodes, the incog team did an amazing job of packaging it up and building the run scripts, so no real need to do programming.

Now System Admin, operations, monitoring, and system conflict debugging… yes plenty of that after about 2 or 3 vnodes.

DM is here, on telegram or the JServers discord group at fitz_fiat, to discuss options.

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