Stuck trade/s

Hey @Support,

Could you check the intermediate central account for the stuck trade(s) out and push them if I’m correct? I’m not sure but I think some trades are stuck there since my balance seems wrong. Please do not ask tx ids since I don’t have :slight_smile:


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Hey @abduraman…good to see you and you know they will push them thru for you…you are like a pillar in this community… :sunglasses:

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:wave: @Support

Did you use Incognito app for the trades? If so, can you please give us more information such as trade id or things like that? It’s a bit difficult to investigate the issues if we don’t have any clue.

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I thought that you could see all stuck trades in the central account and push them all. In case of not being so, I’m trying to finding the tx id. Up to now, I couldn’t find it and I’ve just found out that my usdt balance has a missing amount between 1900-2000. If I can find out more information, I’ll share it with you.

In fact, I faced such stuck trades previously too but they were fixed within one day. Because of that, I thought you found out these trades and fixed them time-to-time. I think it was a wrong assumption :joy: