strange trading volume on ViteX exchange

I am looking at the PRV/USDT chart on ViteX exchange:

What happened on 12 february?

Does the trading volume seems healthy to you ?


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Looks like low liquidity price movement. The bottom bars indicate very little in trade volume for that day. However the price was pushed up to nearly $30. This likely happened when someone bought all or most of the PRV in the ViteX market. Someone else later sold some PRV into the pool and dropped the price back to the prevailing global price.

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sure thats how it works! but shit ! ten times the price ! thats a huge arbitrage opportunity!!
On the next 3 days no volume at all. And then a regular trading volume of 200 (or (200k???) USDT per 6 hours. It looks like faked volume.

Anyway this lack of volume is quite concerning by itself… it would be great for PRV to be listed elsewhere

Not really a concern. PRV is a utility coin. Lack of volume on another exchanges than the project’s own pDEX is expected.


We don t have to worry so much of CEX listing . That is not what make a good project good!

And we are going in a direction where slowly CEXes will disappear or have less volume than DEX!