Start listing ERC20 tokens on pDEX for free.


After successfully raising funds, a crypto project needs to get their token listed on exchanges. Normally, they must meet excessive requirements and pay up to hundreds of thousands of dollars just for the listing. Funds that would otherwise go to market-making and building up the project are instead going toward listing fees.

It’s time for that to stop.

Now you can list your project’s ERC20 or BEP2 token on pDEX and give your trading community total privacy and freedom. The best part? There’s no listing fee!


  • No listing fees for all tokens.
  • Privacy focused: all trading activities are anonymous.
  • No trading fee, No KYC for everyone.
  • Cross-chain trading: add liquidity for one pair, and your token is swappable with BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI, etc.

How do I list my token on the pDEX?


Why do we need liquidity pool?

Liquidity pools guarantee liquidity for the listed token against another token (for example ETH against BTC).

How is the exchange rate determined?

pDEX works via Auto Market Making algorithm (AMM), which is disconnected from external markets. If token prices change on external markets, an AMM doesn’t automatically adjust its prices. It requires an arbitrageur to come along and buy the underpriced asset or sell the overpriced asset until prices offered by the AMM match external markets.

Here’s an example with USDT/PRV trading pair:


Total pool = USDT pool * PRV pool = 1,000 * 1,176 = 1,176,000

User buys PRV with 40 USDT. That changes pair pools.

  • New USDT pool = 1000 + 40 (from user)= 1,040 USDT
  • New PRV pool = Total/New USDT pool = 1,176,000 /1,040 = 1,130 PRV

User gets: 1,176 PRV – 1,130 PRV = 45 PRV.

With this mechanism:

  • Exchange rate is maintained at 1 PRV = 0.85 USD.
  • The market price is automatically adjusted based on the auto market making algorithm.
  • The bigger the liquidity pool, the more stable the price becomes.
Why do you need PRV?

On pDEX, PRV is the token that has the most trading pairs with other popular tokens on the market with moderate pool size (USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH, DAI, etc.). Therefore with PRV as a medium, you token will be swappable with other big tokens without having to add liquidity for them seperately.



Step 1: Download Incognito Wallet and open the application.


Step 2: Go to your wallet and add your project token to Incognito.

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Step 3: Start by shielding them in the Incognito Wallet.

Create a shielding request from Incognito wallet. This will allow you to provide those tokens as liquidity in the pDEX later.
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Copy wallet address and send your tokens to this address

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To start providing liquidity, you must hold PRV and your project’s token in Incognito Wallet. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 4: Buy PRV to create liquidity for your token against the PRV token.

1.1 Shield request a token of your choice to buy PRV. (USDC & USDT are strongly recommended because those pairs have high liquidity pool size and better market rate). Check step 3.

After successfully shielded tokens, choose a pair you would like to trade.

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Choose amount, click “Preview your order”. Double check all your trading details on confirmation page and click “Confirm”.

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Done. In couple of seconds your trade will be executed.

Step 5: Add liquidity from your trading funds.
  • Tap ‘Add’ from the home screen, and then “Invest” at the top of your screen, and set the amount you want to provide.
  • Input the amount to reflect the rate you want your token to be traded at.
    For example, you want your token (token A) to be traded at 2.5 USD per token.
    => You put in 1,000 token A into one side of the liquidity pool (worth 2,500 USD)
    => At the same time, you also have to put in 2,500 USD worth of PRV to the other side. If PRV is priced at $0.5/PRV, then you have to put in 5,000 PRV in order for your token to be traded at $2.5/token.
  • Then tap ‘Add liquidity’ at the bottom of your screen.
  • Success!
Step 6: Verify your token.

After your token is successfully listed on pDEX, make sure to verify it and update the logo for it by filling out this form. Our team will review and add logo to your token within 12 hours during week days.


Your token is now officially tradable, anonymously, on the pDEX.

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It will be good. If any feature for custom pairing where user enable to pair their token with any other coin. Such as xxx/usdt etc.

To get that feature, they required to lock some amount of PRV within their wallet. Therefore, it will add more utility of PRV. Or the more extreme is lock prv to be burned. :grin:

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Hey, agree, actually we will be launching that feature soon, but it works kinda differently. Projects can pair their tokens with PRV, but in order to sell their token for USDT, it takes 2 steps:

1/ Sell their tokens for PRV
2/ Sell PRV for USDT.

What we are going to do is automate the process, so that users can sell their token to USDT in 1 click. This will also help create utility for PRV, since all tokens need PRV for the cross-pair trading to happen.

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Ow…ok well i get it. As all of process is automatically.

I am trying to get a friend into incognito. he has created a erc20 coin, which can be found on

How does he add this coin and connect it so that the actual value of the coin shows in the trading wallet? How does it know the price?

Hi Clint!

  1. He can add his coin to the wallet using “Step 2: Go to your wallet and add your project token to Incognito.” from the instruction:)
    Also could he please contact me, I’ll help with logo.

  2. Incognito DEX is disconnected from external markets. If token prices change on external markets, an algorithm doesn’t automatically adjust its prices. You should set up the price at the moment of providing first liquidity to the pair. Then it will be changed according to the users’ orders.

The process of providing liquidity and setting up the price you can find in “Step 2: Add liquidity from your trading funds.”

Fill free to contact me here or in telegram elena_martynova if you have any problems with that.