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To use the library, find the category you’re looking for, and click to expand it. You’ll find a list of topics. Expand the one you’re interested in, and you’ll find a numbered list of helpful posts in that topic. In this “Start Here” category, we’ll start with the foundational Incognito topics:

What is Incognito?
  1. Introduction to Incognito and the community

  2. How Incognito brings privacy to every cryptonetwork

  3. Entities around Incognito

Navigate the full Incognito whitepaper.

What is PRV?
  1. Privacy (PRV) coin and how it works

  2. Presentation and current info on PRV

  3. For PRV holders

How do I use this website?

This website uses markdown. It’s a text-only way of posting media, and it only takes a few minutes to learn. Here’s a guide on how to use it.

Certain functions on this site require you to have a certain trust level. That way, we can avoid spammy behavior and promote a healthy community. Here’s a quick explanation on trust levels that explains how to earn each one, and the perks of being trusted.

Site categories and tools

  1. Builders - This is the Incognito workshop. If you want to build something, you’re in charge. Go for it! Check out the rewards structure.

  2. Users - This is your hub for all things app. The products subcategory is all about Incognito products and features. Tutorials teach you how to use the products. Help here is for app-related questions. For Node questions, use the Validators category.

  3. Validators - Like users, this category is a community hub, for validators. Tutorials include everything you need to know about operating Nodes and Node Virtuals. Help is for any node-related questions.

  4. Community - “Users” is for the app, “Validators” is for Nodes, and Community is the main meeting room for the Incognito community. Suggest your ideas for features, solutions, projects, and more, in Ideas. Do not post ideas in any other category. Wanted is for posting tasks a community member can perform, sometimes in exchange for rewards. Marketplace is the space for community shopping. Finally, News is for browsing through all the most important and exciting developments in the crypto space.

  5. Tech - Detailed posts on the specifics of Incognito technology. For tech-related questions, post in the corresponding help section.

  6. PRV Holders - If you’re focused on PRV, check out this category. Newsroom contains the latest developments. Updates is all about what the Incognito community efforts have yielded in the past months. Chat is where you can share your thoughts about PRV and chat with other enthusiasts.

  7. World - Translated Incognito materials. If you would like to translate materials into a language you’re fluent in, let us know.

  8. General - For general thoughts and discussion, post in the general category. If you aren’t sure which category to post in, post here.

  9. Incognito Dictionary - A collection of potentially unfamiliar terms and their definitions. Reply to the dictionary post with a term you don’t know, if it hasn’t been defined.

  10. Earning rewards with badges (list) - By participating well, you can earn badges, some of which come with PRV rewards. You must add your wallet address in order to receive your rewards.

Foundational tutorials
  1. How to send, receive, shield, and unshield your crypto

Popular resources:
PRV/DEX data
Mainnet explorer
Incognito Press (Media) Kit

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your question has probably been asked before. You can find answers here.

Click here for the most frequently asked questions.
Node (Physical)
  1. What is Node, how does it work, and how much do I earn?

  2. How do I know how often my Node will earn?

  3. Why hasn’t my Node earned in _ days?

  4. What’s the difference between Node and Node Virtual? Do they earn the same?

  5. How do I earn 100% of my Node’s rewards by staking my own PRV?

  6. What is the Node “fix it” message?

  7. Other Node FAQs

  8. I’m a validator? How does that work?

  9. How many slots are there for Nodes to earn?

  10. When will more Node slots open up?

  11. Can I see where my Node is in the validator cycle?

Node Virtual
  1. What is a Node Virtual and how does it work? - This is the same page for Node (physical), since they function similarly. For what makes the two different, see the product section below.

  2. What is the best VPS to host on?

  3. Can I host multiple Node Virtuals on one machine?

  4. What if my server goes down?

  1. Is the DEX decentralized? - That, as well as other technical features described here.

  2. Why do I get a weird rate for my trade?

  3. Where can I find price charts and other data?

  4. What if I’m having an issue trading?

  1. How can I get PRV?

  2. How can I use PRV?

  • To participate in powering the Network
  • To pay the transaction fee for the native coin
  • To Issue and transfer own privacy coins
  • To pay network fee to transfer assets from other blockchains (BTC, ETH & ERC20, BNB & BEP2, NEO, ZIL, etc)
  • To pay network and trading fee on the Incognito pDEX (once it’s applicable)
  • To pay the network fees in Dapps, Papps (pKyber, pUniswap, etc)
  • To participate in governance and making decisions
  1. Where can I find the price of PRV?

Incognito App
  1. What is the difference between send, receive, and shield?

  2. What does this error code mean?

  1. Why is the website so crowded? Why not have a sleek, modernistic one?

We had a gorgeous website. But it was nothing more than a commercial. With this format, exactly the right people engage with Incognito - interested, looking for info, and engaged in discussion. Unorthodox as it was, it was a calculated decision that worked perfectly. There is a cleaner, community-made website in progress.

Explore Users - Help.
Explore Validators - Help.


All the Incognito products and everything you need to know about them. For tutorials related to these products, continue to the “Tutorials” section below.

Click here for info on all Incognito products.
  1. Node
  2. Node Virtual
  3. Node Tree (Coming soon)
  4. Incognito Wallet
  5. Incognito Exchange (DEX)
  6. Network Explorer

Explore the products category.


Need a how-to? Here’s a collection of helpful tutorials on the full set of Incognito tools.

Click here for tutorial categories.
Node (Physical)
  1. How to set up your Node

  2. How to stake your own PRV and earn 100%

Node Virtual
  1. How to host a Node Virtual

  2. Customize your Node port (advanced)

  3. Moving your Node Virtual

  4. Using a Contabo VPS

  5. Using a Digital Ocean VPS

  6. Using an AWS instance

  7. Using a Vultr VPS

  8. Useful Node Virtual commands

Troubleshooting Nodes
  1. How to solve “missing account” message

  2. How to solve “fix it” message

  3. How to check your Node Virtual server storage

  4. How to check if your Node Virtual is working

  5. How to see where your Node is in the validator cycle

  1. What the DEX is, and how to use it

  2. How to buy BTC, ETH, and other crypto anonymously

  3. How to buy Monero anonymously

  4. How to list a token on the exchange for free


How to see or withdraw your liquidity

Privacy (PRV)
  1. How to buy PRV

  2. How to cash out PRV to fiat

  3. How to buy Node with PRV

  4. How to pay anonymously at

  5. How to convert PRV node earnings to other currencies

User-Created Tokens
  1. How to create your own privacy token

  2. How to get your token a ‘verified’ badge

Incognito App
  1. Explanation of different wallet keys

  2. How to back up your keys (MUST)

  3. How to restore/access lost wallet using key backup

  4. How to send, receive, and anonymize (shield) crypto

  5. How to use NEO and other tokens anonymously

  6. How to add a supported coin to your wallet list

  7. How to enable face-ID unlock (iOS)

  8. What does this error code mean?

  1. How to resize images when you post

Explore user tutorials.
Explore validator tutorials.


Past, present, and possible projects can be found here.

Click here to see the Core Team Development activities.
Active projects
  1. Building trustless bridges to all other blockchains

  2. Incognito mode for smart contracts

  3. Launch Kyber integration

  4. Multi-Node Tree device

  5. Launch DEX v2, increase trading volume

  6. Improve the Incognito app

  7. Privacy v2

  8. Implement dynamic committee size (node slots)

  9. Consensus v2

  10. NAT traversal solution

  11. Community-built websites

  12. New smart contract interaction flow

Shipped (Past projects)
  1. Rewards for contributing to privacy

  2. Reduce the blockchain size by 50%

  3. Build helpful ecosystem tools like price charts

  4. Build an Incognito staking pool

  1. Meme contest

  2. Crypto duster for Incognito

  3. The Crypto Shredder

  4. Using PRV as loan collateral

  5. Liquidity v.2

  6. Domain name service

Explore building.
Explore shipped.
Explore ideas.

Click here to see the Community Development activities.


Want to stay up-to-date, or explore the history of Incognito?

Click here news, updates, and other publications.
Weekly Update Newsletters

Click here to browse through full Weekly Privacy Updates

Monthly Updates
  1. PRV holders call
  2. PRV holders latter
  3. PRV deck

  1. Incognito Press Kit

  2. More than $16M USD of crypto has gone Incognito

  3. Incognito reduces blockchain size by 90%

  4. NEO goes Incognito - first implementation of the privacy bridge

  5. Incognito on

  6. TOMO has been added to the DEX

  7. Integration announcement

Other updates
  1. Latest results updates and targets

  2. Monthly PRV Holders Call

  3. Impermanent loss - liquidity providers must know

  4. New Provide rates

Explore the newsroom.
Explore updates.


Are you curious about the technical specifics of the Incognito project? Look no further.

Click here for detailed tech-oriented descriptions.
The Incognito Blockchain
  1. Intro - A decentralized platform of privacy coins

  2. Mainnet v0 configuration

  3. Highway - Network topology

  4. Highway pt 2- NAT Traversal

  5. Software stack - Navigating the source code

  6. Burn and mint mechanism

  7. Incognito SDK

  8. Future work - Anonymous smart contracts, confidential IP, and more

  9. White paper links and conclusion

Privacy tech, PRV coin/tokenomics
  1. PRV tokenomics

  2. Shielding - Turn any cryptocurrency into a privacy coin

  3. Portal v2 - Bringing Incognito Mode to every blockchain

  4. Anonymity - Ring signature, homomorphic commitment, zero-knowledge range proofs

  5. Difference between Incognito and Monero/Zcash/Grin, and other privacy tech

  6. Privacy use cases

  7. pEthereum - Bringing Incognito mode to Ethereum

  8. Incognito vs. Aztec vs. Tornado

  9. Zero-knowledge proofs implementation on mobile

  10. User-created privacy coins

  11. The Portal

Consensus, Nodes, and Validation
  1. The lifecycle of a validator

  2. What it’s like to be an Incognito Node

  3. Multiview, a new approach to PBFT

  4. Consensus - A combination of PoS, PBFT, and BLS

  5. Consensus v2

  6. Open-source hardware

The Incognito DEX
  1. The first privacy-protecting decentralized exchange

  2. How the privacy DEX works (Video)

  3. How to buy crypto anonymously

  1. Sharding

  2. Multisig scaling solution

  3. Performance and TPS (throughput)

  1. Trustless custodians

  2. Creating decentralized Incognito mode for Ethereum

Solving Vulnerabilities
  1. Incognito is invulnerable to miner centralization

  2. Incognito is invulnerable to dusting attacks

  3. Fixing the free Bitcoin attack

  4. Fixing the free Bitcoin attack pt 2

Explore the tech category.


When something needs to get done, we can put up a request and reward the person who completes the task. For suggesting a project yourself, however, use the ideas section or start a project and submit a work in progress.

Click here to view wanted requests.
  1. Become an Incognito Rebel

  2. Memes wanted!

  3. Video contest from users

  4. Integrate Incognito with privacy-focused messaging apps

More coming soon, keep your eyes peeled!

Explore the wanted category.

Privacy Coins

User-created privacy coins and their uses.

Click here to see what's going on in the world of Incognito privacy coins.
  1. Working summary of PRV uses

  2. List your coin on the DEX for free

  3. COLE Coin - trade coins for school favors

  4. PERKS - Crypto Coupons

  5. LMY (“Lunch Money”) - Rewards for reviews

  6. HEDUS - Rewarding students in the classroom

  7. List of privacy coins created or integrated with Incognito (not complete)

Explore privacy coins, or create your own and post about it!


Nói otro языке? Find resources in your language below.

Click here for language directories.
  1. Tiếng Việt
  2. Español
  3. Русский
  4. Türkçe
  5. 中文
  6. Indonesian

Explore the world category, or add your language there.

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