Start here 2 - Learn to use the forum

Welcome to the Community forum! :tada:

FYI: This forum is the main space where everyone talks about everything Incognito. Therefore, learn to use the forum is a good start for you. Let’s go!

What you can do with the forum?

  • Get updates on the real-time progress from the Incognito core-dev team.

  • Find out the tutorials for all products of Incognito.

  • Get support when you have a trouble using the products.

  • Get answers when you have questions.

  • Discuss other community members on the creative ideas around Incognito.

  • Most important: meet helpful and generous neighbors of Incognito home! :heart:

Forum structure

Similar to the forum of other crypto projects, Incognito’s forum is also divided into 8 separate categories at which each aspect of Incognito project is well-presented:

  • :new: New signup: Guidelines for those who are new to Incognito.

  • :chart_with_upwards_trend: Progress: Roadmap and Developments updated by the core team.

  • :link: Tech: Privacy R&D and technical specifications.

  • :speaking_head: Community: Weekly updates and Conversations by community members.

  • :iphone: App users: App tutorials, support and app-related bug report.

  • :globe_with_meridians: Validators: Tutorials to setup Node, support and Node-related bug report.

  • :prv: PRV Holders: Tokenomics of PRV and Monthly Growth Reports.

  • :earth_americas: World: Privacy conversations in different languages.

How to use Incognito forum

A friend of ours (@Chucky) made this detailed instruction on how to get started with the forum, utilize all the available functions, get support as well as the quickest way to contact the core team. It only takes you 6 mins to watch the video and then you’re good to go!

Kudos to Chucky for your time to help make this intuitive tutorial! :100:

Ps: Some categories have changed since the time this video was made, but the basic functions remains the same.

What’s next? Take your action.

You’re the one who drive the privacy conversations here. Simply sign up an account and start talking with Incognito community!

Telegram and Twitter are also the spaces for community to hang out everyday.