Where is my staking reward for this week

What kind of staking did you do?
Virtual Node,
Physical Node,
Node Pool,

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One more time with feeling. The last time I received a hosting reward was August 6th or there about I have not received any hosting rewards for the week of August 14th and now August 21st what’s the story?

I am sorry, I am not sure what you mean by hosting reward.

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I have a physical node. Are you NOT paying for hosting a physical node?

Up until Aug first week I have received PRV for providing physicalnode.

Cost $399. ROI about $25 /month

Everyone gets selected by chance. Sometimes you can get rewarded multiple times in 1 day. Sometimes you won’t get anything for weeks.

Educate yourself. Read Longest Non-Earning Streak.


There are no payments for having a pNode (or a vNode for that matter) active.

Every validator earns when the node gets selected. It is a random selection. There will be periods of being selected multiple times, and periods of not being selected.

On average, long term, everyone will earn $25 or more.