Staking pool options

As of today, here is a comparison of the different third-party staking options available to the community. If you run a staking service, please reply to this topic so you can be added to the list. If anyone has feedback on these services, feel free to share your thoughts – post a reply below to let the community know your experiences.

Jservers Shared Jservers Private Constant
Minimum Stake 175 PRV 1750 PRV 10 PRV
Share of rewards 97% 100% n/a
Guaranteed Return n/a n/a 50% APR
Fee Structure 6% of returns 3.3 pUSDC/wk (quantity discount) none
Payout Period Weekly Default (1 epoch) 30 min
Auto re-stake Yes No Yes

Original thread: Shared Node Hosting


I’ve been using JServers for a few months now since I couldn’t afford to stake on my own, but still had a considerable amount of PRV from testnet. So far I have been delighted by the service, even to the extent of trying different node PRV allocation spreads to try and help with dry weeks. Highly recommended for someone who wants to earn their way into owning a full node!


Hey there, I’m a member of the Constant ( growth team. A couple of corrections I wanted to add to the chart.

  1. Minimum stake on Constant is 10PRV
  2. Our payout period is every 30 minutes

Love working with the PRV community, hope this helps! Thanks for the post Grant.


Thanks Grant,
You understood Information and did a nice job putting the comparison together.

Kudos to Peter and the constant team for their efforts to fill the gaps that help the community grow as we are trying to do as well.


Hi @fitz_fiat, nice to e-meet you :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I’m Ducky - a member of Growth team at Incognito.
In this April, we’re planning to grow Incognito network by launching an in-app staking feature in Incognito wallet which is called Node pool. People know that you’re providing where PRV holders can simply stake and run their virtual Node without any required tech savvy. It’s awesome!

In this direction, we’re thinking of the possibility to integrate you service into our in-app staking feature, then make Node pool a hub of staking pool. If this collaboration happens, PRV holders will have diversified options for their investment in PRV.

How do think about this suggestion? Please let us know :slight_smile:


Hi @Ducky,
Could you DM me on Telegram with details on how your team is envisioning this?
I looked through the in-app staking feature link, to get the concept, but wanted to get a better understanding of how you were seeing the collaboration work with services.


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Yes, sure @fitz_fiat.
Please give me your @username, then we can move our convo to tele. Thanks!

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Same Username as here fitz_fiat. :slight_smile:

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I’ve just DM you on tele, can you please check my message?
I’m @duckyincognito :slight_smile:

Hey @fitz_fiat,

I have some questions about JServers shared.

Once I stake at least 175 PRV, can I stake an amount less than 175 PRV on top of my previous stake anytime? If yes, is there any option to re-stake the rewards automatically?

One more thing about Discord. If the team @ning provided you with a (sub)category here, would you think to move your Discord channel about JServers to Checking Telegram, here and Discord out frequently is so tiring.

Yes you can add to your stake with less than a 10% increase, and the default for payouts are to reinvest earnings. But the members can change that each week if they like.

As for discord, that is to help with various levels of access security that we would not have access to here.

However I understand your issue with checking all forums. Not much of interest on discord group unless you are looking for answers about Jserver or starting/stopping staking.
Not much excitement in the group chats… I think there is plenty of excitement already going on in other areas of everyone’s life.
Thanks for the questions. :+1:
Stay safe


Friends think before you choose!!!
I got an email today:

We've had a large amount of PRV stakers withdraw their coins from our public node in the past couple days.

This has caused some heavy slowdowns in the network and a much longer-than-anticipated wait until you can receive your staked funds. We expect 1-2 weeks at the most.

PRV is a proof of stake protocol, meaning it relies on staked coins to approve transactions on its network. The more coins staked, the faster transactions occur and vice versa. When a large amount of PRV is unstaked it causes a major slowdown in network speed and transactions.

We are extremely sorry for the delay, but unfortunately it comes with the territory of the coin. We'll still be available by email and Telegram to give you updates on your transactions. Once you receive your coins to your Constant account, you'll be able to withdraw as normal.

Thank you for you understanding,

Justin from Constant

:flushed: :flushed: :flushed:


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This information is incorrect.
The delay Myconstant is referring to may be correct but there is no connection between stake and processing speed of transactions.

The current throughput with 8 shards is 100 TPS. We don’t have any problem processing thousands of transactions per minute.

Myconstant will update users in a followup mail.


here it is!

Hi there,

I want to correct some wrong information from my previous email. In the rush to make an announcement there was some miscommunication on our end.

The amount of PRV staked in the Incognito network has nothing to do with its speed , and unstaking does not slow down the network.

The reason unstaking has slowed down on Constant is because of two factors:

  1. As you know, Constant prioritizes a smooth user experience, which is why we typically offer 24 hour withdrawals.

We’re able to do this because we keep a liquid reserve of PRV that isn’t locked up in nodes. Due to the high volume of withdrawals, this reserve is running low, and our nodes must now be unstaked.

  1. Unstaking is random on the Incognito Chain. It can take anywhere from 4 hours to 2 weeks. 1-2 weeks is a generous estimate that takes this into account.

As soon as your node is unstaked, we’ll process your withdrawal immediately. We’re also working on replenishing our PRV liquidity to fulfill unstaking requests faster.


@Jamie @annie Thanks! Thanks! But I don't quite understand your gratitude? For the found problem?

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It is just a miscommunication, misunderstanding issue and has been clarified. We are thankful for that.


Hey Annie,
We had to make some changes to our fees and pricing. Could you update the table accordingly?

We have increased our Fees on Shared nodes from 3% to 6% on earnings.
And for private nodes our weekly fees are based on the exchange rate of USDC to be equivalent to 3.75USDC but paid in PRVs.

To answer the question why the increase, it is to address costs of building tools for the users to watch and track their earnings.



Well another update on JServers prices.

We lowered our private node weekly price yet again, and now are accepting pUSDC payments.

The new weekly price is 3.30USDC, with quantity discounts for 5+ and 20+ nodes hosting. Contact us (fitz_fiat) here, on telegram or the JServers discord group( link available from the website).