Staking APY Not 37%?

Has anyone been tracking their earnings since the APY change to 37% last week? I’m no math major by any means, and I’ve been using a google spread sheet to track my earnings. Based on the spreadsheet posted and shared earlier on here, and some of my own trial and error, it looks like the APR should be around 31.48% to return a 37% APY. But just seeing my current earnings, it looks like the APR is living around 27.77% for an APY of 31.6% ish. Anyone else getting the same?


I haven’t checked it, but I will now. Meanwhile, here are some tools we can use.

This first one converts APY into APR and vice versa. This way, we can make sure we are converting correctly.

And this one calculates daily compounding interest. This calculator will get us close, but it won’t be 100% accurate. If anyone has a good calculator that calculates continuous compounding interest (which is the compounding rate of pstake), please share. Specifically we need one that allows us to check interest earned in one day, not in one year. That way we can directly compare the calculator result with our daily earnings.


This one will do a continuous compound and get you within a day.

I’m going to do a screenshot now and this time tomorrow and do another comparision.


Hi there, we the APR is exactly set at 32% so the APY will be 37% accordingly. If you can share stats about your current earning, maybe we can look further into this?


@Thriftinkid, I checked my balance after 24 hours, and it’s spot on with the calculator you recommended. (Great calculator, by the way.) So on my end, rewards are working perfectly.

Did you discover differently on your end?

If so, be sure to check your activity in case you forgot any deposits or withdrawals you made within the 24-hour window you’re monitoring. You’ll want to factor those transactions into your calculations.


Damn…way cool link…thanks Gold…hey by the way are you the current badge holder for longest streak unearned?

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Thank you thriftinkid for link…:sunglasses:

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No problem guys. It has got to be a problem somewhere in in my spreadsheet. I’m working on it as we speak. I checked with that calculator, and it’s dead on using a 32% APR like Annie said. If you guys like that calculator, just wait til I get this worked out. My current spreadsheet will track current stake earnings down to the second, but with way more bells and whistles. Including deposit and withdrawal sections and current crypto rates to track your node earnings other than PRV. Got to get this math right 1st though.


Whoa way cool…look forward to seeing it…:sunglasses:

@Tempestblack, I held the non-earning badge for a few days before @Joe_226 beat my record.


@Thriftinkid, I saw your post that you were having trouble with the spreadsheet calculations. I think you were having trouble with the continuous compounding interest formula. In Excel, the formula should be:



Hope this helps!


Thanks gold! I have a formula in right now that seems to be working, but in going to try yours out.

This is what I’m currently using.


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Thanks for sharing! I will have to try yours too.


@Gold @annie @Tempestblack , So I think I’m almost ready to release this. Can you guys think of anything you would want to be added? I was going to do a section on investments. But, from my understanding, that would be impossible to keep consistent. While the interest rates are consistent, the pool size changes each month, so the rewards aren’t consistent like staking. Right?

Put some same data in so you can see what it’s doing: