Stake - Option in app to funnel rewards to a single account

Those of you running multiple nodes, you know how frustrating it is when it comes time to withdrawal, and then you have to go to each individual node and send it to where you actually want it so it can be useful.

Who else thinks it would be great if there was a setting for the node that allowed you to pick a specific withdrawal account from you lists?


I asked about this previously.

But since then I now stake my nodes with a common rewardAddress so that all rewards end up on the same keychain automatically. If you want, I can give you a step-by-step walkthrough of how to do it with the incognito-cli tool.

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I know about the walkthrough to do it manually. For some reason there is a problem with python on my server and i haven’t had time to figure it out.

Regardless, if there was a way to do it in the app it would be better.


I also had the python problem. In app option would be better.


Ah, no, skip the python. This method is all done with the official incognito cli.

If you have not installed it, you can just follow the steps in this post.

My steps for staking a new node are as follows.

  1. Create a keychain in the App
  2. Copy the Private Key from the App
  3. incognito-cli account keyinfo -p <PrivateKey>
  4. incognito-cli account sub --host http://localhost:9334 --otaKey <OTA key>
  5. Transfer PRV into the keychain
  6. incognito-cli stake --host http://localhost:9334 --rewardAddress 12sxgCWK... -p <Private Key>

If you’re not running your own full node, you can skip the --host part and it will run on the public incognito node.

For restaking, you skip 1 and unstake at 5 and wait for the funds instead. The important part is submitting your otaKey before funds enter the account. Otherwise, the full node will not have cached the balance.

(step 3 is only to avoid having to copy the OTA key from the App as well.)


Appreciate it, thanks, I will give this a shot when I have time.

Still would like to see who else is interested in an easy way to do this “in-app”

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it seems something had changed with the cli:
incognito-cli sub --otaKey xxxx…
No help topic for ‘sub’

incognito-cli -v
incognito-cli version v1.0.0

It seems there is no “sub” action ?
Attempting to stake without it complains that OTA key is not synchronized, general help does not show anything about OTA key ?

@Jared what are the chances a feature like this could be implemented for node operators?

If not an option to change on the fly, then at least when staking your node in the app.

Is this something even on the devs radar?

And I’ve figured it - keyinfo and sub commands have been moved under account, so steps 3 and 4 should become
incognito-cli account keyinfo -p <PrivateKey>
incognito-cli account sub --host http://localhost:9334 --otaKey <OTA key>

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Yes, updated my post, thank you.

Have you combed over this?

I believe you can run -c 1 and prevent using the OTAKey.

that was solved but it would still be better if the stake button in the app gave the option for alternate reward address.

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Yes, agreed, @jared, you did not answer my question above, if you could please…

Is this feature even on the devs radar? Has it been discussed at all? (that is the ability to choose which rewards account gets the rewards from your nodes IN APP (not through CLI).

hey @brico84

I will put this feature into development Backlog. I hope we can release this on April, cc @hieutran


@khanhj that would be AMAZING!!!

Thank you!

I’d appreciate the feature too :slightly_smiling_face:

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@khanhj, any update on this?

Ideally, it would be great if the reward account could be selected even after the “stake”. I think this more difficult from a technical standpoint but would eliminate the problem of having to unstake, and then “re-stake” with the correct account since most of us are already staked.

That being said, if it only becomes an option to choose during the staking process, then that would still be a vast improvement. I would willfully unstake and re-stake if it meant I could click a different account to funnel the rewards to.

Hope this gets implemented soon. I am so tired of manually moving rewards around, its like a part time job just to do so.

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Hi @brico84,

Currently, the consensus does not allow to change the reward account after Stake. So the dev team is planning to implement the option to select an account to receive rewards. It also leads to some changes in UI/UX on the Power screen.

This feature will be available soon after we finish the target in Q2 including Incognito Extension and Web-based Apps.

Thank you for supporting the Incognito by running Nodes. :slight_smile: