stablecoin $MAI for swaps and more decentralization?

Hi can you add the $MAI stablecoin? because decentralization is much better than centralization :slight_smile:


It appears MAI (Mimatic) operates on the Polygon chain. Therefore you can already add it to your wallet :partying_face:

To do so click Wallet > Tap the (+) in the top right corner > tap on the bottom where it says add manually and then input the details.

For Mimatic the polygon contract address is: 0xa3Fa99A148fA48D14Ed51d610c367C61876997F1

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and avax ?

Same for Avalanche.

Contract address: 0x3b55e45fd6bd7d4724f5c47e0d1bcaedd059263e

You can confirm or get contract addresses from coinmarketcap.

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